Ak Shaikh recently did a program on vision live studio wherein he introduced Muhammad Rafiq as a new ex-ahmadi and a new Muslim. Under the guidance of Sheikh Jamal Hammoud in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Takbir Allah-o-Akbar. His entire immediate family has left Ahmadiyya.

On this occasion, over a thousand Muslims were present at Akram Jumma Jamia Masjid to welcome the family and congratulated them. Maulana Shafiq Bhai, Babar Bhai, Muzaffar Bhai, and Sheikh Sahib of former Qadiani were also present. After the martyrdom at the hands of Sheikh Jamal Hamoud in Jamai Masjid, Vision Live Studio conducted a short interview with Muhammad Rafiq Bahi. May Allah, the Exalted, enrich everyone with the knowledge of Islam (Ameen). Muhammad Rafiq is from Kotli, Azad Kashmir. He said that the whole Nida Al-Nasser situation really led him out of Ahmadiyya.

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