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Paul Weller’s work on Ahmadiyya

Paul Weller has done academic work on Ahmadiyya. He was quoted by “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah.


Paul Weller
University of Derby, Social, Cultural and Legal Research Centre
Verified email at – Homepage
Religious discrimination in England and Wales

P Weller, A Feldman, K Purdam, A Andrews
Home Office Research, Development and Statistics Directorate
213 2001
Identity, politics, and the future (s) of religion in the UK: The case of the religion questions in the 2001 decennial census

P Weller
Journal of Contemporary Religion 19 (1), 3-21
89 2004
Religious diversity in the UK: Contours and issues

P Weller
86 2008
Review of the evidence base on faith communities

J Beckford, R Gale, D Owen, C Peach, P Weller
London: Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
81 2006
Religions in the UK: A Multi-faith Directory

P Weller
University of Derby
79 1993
Addressing religious discrimination and Islamophobia: Muslims and liberal democracies. The case of the United Kingdom

P Weller
Journal of Islamic Studies 17 (3), 295-325
76 2006
A Mirror for Our Times:’The Rushdie affair’and the future of multiculturalism

P Weller
Bloomsbury Publishing
75 2009
European Muslims, civility and public life: perspectives on and from the Gülen Movement

P Weller, I Yilmaz
Bloomsbury Publishing
67 2012
The muslim world and politics in transition: Creative contributions of the Gülen movement

G Barton, P Weller, I Yilmaz
A&C Black
62 2013
Muslim world in transition: contributions of the Gülen movement;[international] conference proceedings;[London, United Kingdom, 25-26-27 October 2007, House of Lords, SOAS …

I Yilmaz
Leeds Metropolitan Univ. Press
62 2007
How participation changes things:‘Inter-faith’,‘multi-faith’and a new public imaginary

P Weller
Faith in the public realm, 63-81
61 2009
Religion and belief in higher education: The experiences of staff and students

P Weller, T Hooley, N Moore
Equality Challenge Unit
52 2011
Religion or belief, discrimination and equality: britain in global contexts

P Weller, K Purdam, N Ghanea, S Cheruvallil-Contractor
A&C Black
49 2013
Time for a change: Reconfiguring religion, state and society

P Weller
Bloomsbury Publishing
46* 2005
Religions in the UK: a multi-faith directory 2007-2010

P Weller
Derby: The Multi-faith Centre, University of Derby in association with the …
41* 2007
Religions in the UK: Directory 1997–2000

P Weller
Mickleover, Derby: University of Derby
35* 1997
Religions in the UK 2001-03

P Weller, E Fry, M DeWolfe
University of Derby in association with The Inter Faith Network for the …
32 2001
Religious discrimination in Britain: A review of research evidence, 2000-10

P Weller
Equality and Human Rights Commission
31 2011
Religions and social capital. Theses on religion (s), state (s), and society (ies): With particular reference to the United Kingdom and the European Union

P Weller
Journal of International Migration and Integration/Revue de l’integration et …
24 2005
Fethullah Gülen, Religions, Globalization, and Dialogue

P Weller
Muslim citizens of the globalized world: Contributions of the Gülen movement …
23 2006

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