Chashma-e-Masihi (1906)(The Fountain of Christianity) is a book by MGA and his team of ghost writers. Portions of an english translation appeared in the the ROR of Oct-1918 and the ROR of Nov-Dec-1918 by Choudhuri Ghulam Muhammad B.A. It is unclear who Ghulam Muhammad is, we think it might be the famous Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani. Nevertheless, per Ahmadiyya sources, in 1970 an english translation was published from Rabwah, Pakistan. Thereafter, another english translation was published in 2007 from the UK. The book is barely 60 pages. In this book, MGA accuses Eisa (as) of calling the Jews as “Children of Prostitutes” (Waladul Haraam).

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Roohani Khazain Volume 20 – Chashma Masihi (

In Chashma-e-Masihi (see page 16, online english edition), MGA accuses of Eisa (as) of calling Jewish elders as “Waladul Haraam” (Children of Prostitutes). However, in the english, the Qadiani-Ahmadi purposely mistranslated it as “misbegotten”. Thus, MGA was saying that Jesus (as) was bad for saying this, however, 10+ years earlier, MGA was saying it. Check out Adnan Rashid explaining this quote herein.

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“”But, strangely enough, Jesus did not act upon his own moral teachings. He cursed the fig tree when he found it to be barren, while he exhorted others to pray. And while he taught others not to call anyone a fool, he himself went to the extent of calling the Jewish elders misbegotten (Waladul Haraam), hurling abuses at them in every sermon and calling them foul names. A teacher of morals must first exhibit those morals in himself. Could such a flawed teaching, which Jesus himself did not follow, be from God?””

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