Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani seems to be a local man from Qadian who accepted Ahmadiyya. This is rare and seems unbelievable, since there weren’t any Muslims living in Qadian (except MGA’s cousins and extended family). In 1928, he was alive and told the Al-Fazl magazine that he married the widow of Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti in August of 1906. This seems to be the second wife of Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti, his first wife was Zainab Bibi. In 1928, Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani was reminiscing about his late wife and explained how she was a masseuse of MGA at age 15 at Qadian. The title of the essay is Muhtarma Ayesha ke halaat e zindagi. In it he says how he loved his widow so much and how she began massaging MGA at age 15. Her nikkah with Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti was without any khutba or dowry, its unclear when this happened. It seems that she married Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti in 1900 at age 9, awhen was 14-15, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti died, she then began massaging MGA until he got her married to Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani. MGA forced Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani to pay 500 rupees for the dowry.

There is another person with a similar name, its Chaudhry Ghulam Muhammad, he wrote many article in the ROR, in fact, in the May-1918 edition of the ROR, he translated one of MGA’s books, “Qadian Kei Aryah Aur Hamm” (1907) partially into english.

The ROR of Nov-1916 reports that M. Ghulam Muhammad Chaudhari (B.A.) is working as the secretary of the Ahmadiyya Co-operative Store Society.

In the Mar-Apr-1918 edition of the ROR, he is listed as a graduate of the Aligarh College (B.A.), and he translated a specific portion of “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam” (“The Mirror of the Excellences of Islam”)(1892-1893) which referred to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

____________________________________________________________________________________________ Al Fazl, March 20, 1928, pages 6-7, by Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani

“My late wife…..went to Hazrat Promised Messiah at the age of 15 in Dar-ul-Iman (Mirza’s private room) …the sire very much liked her service of massage his legs”

The next yellow page shows how sick MGA was and he writes a letter pertaining to the second marriage of this girl and his suggestion on the mahr being 500 rupees this time (previously it was 0 for Sialkoti)

So here MGA says “I was so sick today because of my fits and headaches and was lying down on the charpai all day. I was just able to finally sit up but I cannot leave the room yet.”

He’s basically boasting and saying you should be thankful that I wrote to you because I’m always sick and can’t even write letters. I’m just sending this to show that MGA definitely didn’t write his books. I’ve gone across numerous such references. And you know this is why they edited his eye health in 1909.0

On top of that, we know that that he couldn’t pray properly due to his disabled right hand so he definitely didn’t write anything with his hand and we know he would always have Sialkoti write with him and Amrohi and k1 for editing (according to Ahmadi references)

Al-Fazl of 3-20-1928


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