After MGA lost the debate with Athim (the only Christian he ever debated) in 1893, MGA was mad that Muslim’s were happy that he (MGA) lost and celebrating. Thus, MGA directly told Muslim’s that they were bastard’s and born of illegitimacy (born out of wedlock). MGA did this in his book, Anwarul Islam (not in english by 2022)(the quote is in the below). Adnan Rashid discussed this also(Check out Part-2 herein [“Zarrayatul baghaya” and “Waladul Haraam” are discussed] and on the Dawah wise channel).

I recently discussed the fraudulent beliefs of the Ahmadiyya Movement on discord server as a live stream (roughly at the 2:25:50 minute mark). Watch my response video on it here, this was in response to the Ahmadi’s calling me a bastard child and etc. al_moejahid called me a bastard and Khurram Shah responded with calling me wulud ul haraam (See the ref in the below), which is a phrase that MGA used in his books. You can listen to Khurram Shah calling me “Waladul Haraam” (a bastard child) herein.

See Nur-ul-Haq (1894), volume 8 of Roohani Khazain, Part-1, Pg. 163

“””It should be known that each person who is ‘wald-ul-halaal’ [of legitimate birth] and is not from ‘dhurriyat-ul-baghaayaa’ [the progeny of prostitutes, stated in the Urdu text as ‘kharaab aurtoan … kee nasl’, meaning, the progeny of bad women] and [the] progeny of dajjaal, he will definitely accept one of the two things. Either he will abstain from lying and false accusations after this or [he will] produce a publication like this publication of mine.”” [RK, v. 8, p. 163; approximately middle of the page; Noor-ul-Haq]


Anwarul Islam, p. 30).  See also

“”””He who indulges in nonsense against this clear decision and out of wickedness goes on repeating that the Christians have achieved victory and continues immodest and shameless and without replying justly to our decision will not refrain from denial and the use of loose language and will not admit our victory will make it clear that he is eager to be considered a bastard and is not legitimate.”””

“”jo humaree fatah ka kial nay hai, to, saaf samajae jai ga, isko waladul haraam ka shokh hai, aur  hilal zada nay hai”. 


Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547, At-Tabligh

“Every Muslim will accept me and will confirm my claim except the zurrayatul baghaya whose hearts will have been sealed up by God Almighty.”

Taken from Nuzhat Haneef’s book on Ahmadiyya

[RK, v. 12, p. 231; 5th , 6th, and 7th verses on the page; Hujjatullaah]
O `Abdul Haq [Ghaznavee] you took the initiative in vile epithets
So, I will invite you to a feast similar to the gift you have presented with your desire.
And you called me a dog and you uttered vile epithets
O you wretched/vicious one, you crossed the bounds.
And a dog is a form and you are its soul
Hence a person like you barks like a dog and complains.

You engaged in verbal impudence in the manner of ‘baghaaya’
And O monster, you have wronged yourself.

[RK, v. 12, p. 232; 1st and 3rd verses on the page;
Hence, I have sworn an oath by God Almighty
That soon I will vex the hearts of the mischief-mongers.

[RK, v. 12, p. 234; last but one verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]
O you [the one who is] overcome by the curse, cease to make mention of curses
Have you not seen what your condition has become after you did ‘bakwaas’ [barked nonsense]

[RK, v. 12, p. 235; 5th and 6th verses on the page; Hujjatullaah]
I do not see knowledge and intelligence in your soul/being
And you attack like a swine and bray like a donkey.
And you danced like a ‘baghiyya’ in gatherings
And established me as a transgressor although you are the greatest of transgressors.

[RK, v. 12, p. 232; 1st verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]
You [`Abdul Haq Ghaznavee] engaged in verbal impudence in the manner of ‘baghaaya’ [prostitutes]
And O monster, you have wronged yourself.

[RK, v. 12, p. 235; 6th verse on the page; Hujjatullaah]
And you [`Abdul Haq Ghaznavee] danced like a ‘baghiyya’ [prostitute] in gatherings
And established me as a transgressor although you are the greatest of transgressors.

In a book wherein there was Urdu, Arabic and Persian, MGA and his team wrote:

“Our enemies have becomes the pigs of the jungle, and their women have become worse than bitches”

The Arabic transliteration
“‘Inna-al idda sarat khanazeer-ul-fala, Nisa hum min doone hinnah aklobo”

The Urdu transliteration
“dushman humaray bayabanauan ke khanzeer go gaey aur un ki aurtain kuttiyan se barrh gaee hain” (Najamul Huda, page 53).  

THE scan
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scan-work from the Lahori-translation

The reference, see page 22


The quote typed out
“”I have a friend and I am filled with his love, 
And I have an aversion to all rank and dignity
I see that the world and its votaries are 
                                                       stricken with famine, 

But that the land of my Love never suffers

                                                                from want.  
Men incline toward worldly pleasures while I 
Incline towards the Face which gives delight 
                                                                   and thrill
I am attached to the shining skirt of my Beloved
So much so that what was dull and dark has 
                                                              been illuminated in me.
My foes have been turned into the swine of 
                                                              the wilderness, 

And their women have been converted into 
                                                             worse than curs.
They abuse me and I know not why
They abuse me.  Should I prove false to my 
                                   Friend or turn back to Him !
I have sworn that I will not part from Him, 

Even though the lions should tear my body
                                                  or the wolves. 
The kingdom of men depart with their death, 

But the kingdom of my Love for ever stays.”””
Scans from

Anjam-e-Atham, RK vol. 11, page 282


MGA wrote some poetry in this book vs. Saadullah.  It is as follows:

“”””You have persecuted me out of your vileness and now if you do not die in disgrace, 0 wicked oneibn baghaI will not have been proved truthful in my claim.””””(anjam e athim, 1897)(Taken from, middle of the webpage, retrieved on 11-9-16).

[RK, v. 11, p. 282; 8th verse on page; Anjaam-e-Aatham]
[Arabic verse:]
‘aadhitanee khubthan falasto besaadeqan
in lam tammot bil khazee yaa ibn-bighaa [O son of prostitution].’

[Persian text, under the Arabic verse:]
‘maraa bekhabaasate khod eezaa daadee, pas man saadeq neestam
agar to ay nasle badkaaraan [O progeny of the unchaste] bezellat nameeree.’

[English translation:]
You have offended me by your wretchedness; thus, I am not truthful
If you, O son of prostitution, do not die in disgrace.



Original with correct Persian translation :

“””You have pained me with filth and I would not be truthful

If you do not die in humiliation, O son of Prostitution (ibn Bagha)”””””

Khutbah Ilhamiyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, page 46

In MGA’s revealed sermon, wherein they claim that the angels were with MGA, he used the phrase, “bhagaya”, many years later, as it was translated into Urdu, the Ahmadi translator translated “bhagya” to mean ‘bazaari aurtain’, or english, “loose women”. Listen to Amir Haq explaining it herein at the 30:00 mark.

My explanation of this quote, MGA essentially says: And all day they have wasted their lives in two things. They happily gift each other meat. With mutton and beef. And happiness and colourful weddings. And striving with themselves and laughing. Laughing with their teeth and showing their two front teeth when laughing.And they have interest in bazari aurtein (prostitutes?) and want to kiss them and hug them and then want to grab their back sides (asses)… and for the problems of Islam we say inna lillah.


Roohani Khazain Volume 20 – Chashma Masihi (

In Chashma-e-Masihi (see page 16, online english edition), MGA accuses of Eisa (as) of calling Jewish elders as “Waladul Haraam” (Children of Prostitutes). However, in the english, the Qadiani-Ahmadi purposely mistranslated it as “misbegotten”. Thus, MGA was saying that Jesus (as) was bad for saying this, however, 10+ years earlier, MGA was saying it. Check out Adnan Rashid explaining this quote herein.

Full quote
“”But, strangely enough, Jesus did not act upon his own moral teachings. He cursed the fig tree when he found it to be barren, while he exhorted others to pray. And while he taught others not to call anyone a fool, he himself went to the extent of calling the Jewish elders misbegotten, hurling abuses at them in every sermon and calling them foul names. A teacher of morals must first exhibit those morals in himself. Could such a flawed teaching, which Jesus himself did not follow, be from God?””

Urdu scan

1907-Haqiqatul Wahy

MGA quotes his poetry from 1897, however, he purposely leaves out the lines wherein he calls Sa’dullah the son of a prostitute (Ibn Bagha).

MGA also mentions Sa’dullah as Sign#188 in Haqiqatul Wahy
Just a few pages after mentioning the idea that Sa’dullah’s lineage had been cut off, MGA goes on to assert that Sa’dullah’s death was even predicted by MGA himself.  MGA calls Sa’dullah as Munshi Sa‘dullah of Ludhiana. MGA was claiming that he published an announcement about the death prophecy vs. Sa’dullah, however, no such announcement exists, he also claims that Sa’dullah verbally cussed at MGA and slandered him and predicted MGA’s death, however, none of that data has ever been seen.

Muhammad Ali advised MGA to leave out the Ibn Bagha  and other quotes out of Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA also mentions this in HW. However, by 1935, Mirza Bashir Ahmad said: The lawyer was Khwajah Kamal-ud-Din. In al-Hakam, volume 38, number 7, February 28, 1935, pages 3–4, narrating the eye-witness accounts of Maulavi Muhammad Ibrahim Baqapuri (see the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah).  

Seeratul Mehdi, page 31 part 1.

(42) stated to me by shaikh Abdurehman misri that once Hazrat sb (MGAQ) kept sitting after zuhur prayer in masjid of qadiyanan. Few days ago hazrat sb has written that Saadullah will remain without progeny. His son that is alive today, is impotent, will surely not be able to take his name ahead. This humble self says that saadullah was worst enemy of hazrat sb and used to talk bad against him. But before publishing this “ishtihar” molvi Muhammad Ali advised hazrat sb that publishing such ishtihar would be against law. He said if Saadullah filed a suit in the court we would not be in a position to prove impotency of his son. Hazrat sb did not agree, when molvi Muhammad Ali insisted on his advise , hazrat sahibs face turned red he got infuriated and said “when a prophet gets himself armed and comes to battle field, he does not disarm him”.

The scan

15037145_681572665337043_4015612836520139162_n_____________________________________________________________________________________________Scan of Baghay from the Arabic dictionaries

Lujja tun Noor was published in 1910 – ahmadiyyafactcheckblog

In this book of MGA, the word prostitute occurs 24 times in Arabic/Persian. Farsi, bar zanan e fasiqa. In Arabic, zanan bazari, i.e., a woman that sells herself for sex, a female fornicator, MGA translated baghaya as zaniya here in Farsi. Check out our essays on “Zarrayatul baghaya” and “Waladul Haraam” for the proper context.
Bashir Ahmad Rafiq mentioned the quote in his book however

An Imam of the Ahmadiyya movement, Bashir Ahmad Rafiq wrote a book entitled, “Truth about Ahmadiyya”, 6 editions were published between 1978 and 1992 in German and English. He claims that “Ibn Bagha” only means “son of the wicked”.

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