Ahmadiyya sources report that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq gave a speech at the 1943 Jalsa at Qadian. In this speech, he gave a quote from MGA wherein MGA is alleged to have predicted how Mufti Muhammad Sadiq would get degrees. Thus, as soon as Mufti Muhammad Sadiq arrived in London, he began collecting fake degrees. This would continue in America, he faked degrees from 2 non-existence institutions.


Back in the early 1890’s, while seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree, he had partially qualified, with one examination remaining. He asked the permission of MGA to travel to Lahore to sit the examination. MGA replied, “You have already resigned from state service, why should you seek further qualifications? You do not need to attempt for this examination, degrees will themselves come to you.”

(See The Al Fazl, January 4, 1944, reporting on a speech by Mufti Sadiqra on the Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community held in Rabwah on December 26, 1943. The text in speech marks is translated by the author from Urdu, which is the language of the original text).

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