We have one quote from the 1955 Jalsa Salana at Rabwah, we have posted it in the below.

While advising the youth during his address at Jalsa Salana 1955, Huzoor said:

“Service to humanity is a distinctive feature of a believer. The Promised Messiah often used to say that the summary of religion and Islam is ta‘alluq billah [relation with Allah] and shafqat ‘ala khalqillah [compassion towards the creation of Allah]. […]

“Do not ever worry if people do not value your efforts; you should serve for the [pleasure of] God Almighty and not for people’s [praise]. The love of Allah and service to humanity should be the objective of your lives. If you do so, then there remains no doubt about your success.” (Al Fazl, 1 January 1956, p. 3)


“Till this day, Europe and America present their spirit of service to humanity as their greatness against Islam. They say that Christians serve humanity a lot, but Muslims do not. […] If our Jamaat’s [auxiliary bodies] – Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya and Ansarullah – present a noble example of services to humanity, then we can refute the [allegations of] Europe and America by saying that ‘we serve [humanity] more than you.’” (Al Fazl, 14 February 1956, p. 4)

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