We are continuing to cover the living conditions at Qadian. We have already shown how there are oceans of trash and pig farms close by. We have found a video wherein Sikh’s and Hindus of Qadian are complaining about the lack of public washrooms for shop keepers. Check out the tik tok herein. Qadian lacks tax money for infrastructure obviously, since they don[‘t charge property tax or any other type of tax in Qadian (its like republicanism in the USA). In fact, the Ahmadiyya Movement keeps its members broke in Qadian and barely alive. Why don’t they have Humanity First working in Qadian? Why doesn’t Humanity First India build public washrooms in Qadian for men and women?

The Ahmadiyya community even supports the Hindu-RSS (see Nicholas Evans). In this video the Qadiani-Ahmadi celebrate #ramanavani with the #hindus (See the Qadian Times video of 2017). Its from the Qadian Times youtube channel and shows jamia students of Qadian marching in the streets and thus celebrating the birth of a Hindu God (Vishnu).

Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are famously known for supporting all groups of people who are anti-islam. Nicholas Evans proves this via his work on #ahmadiyya in qadian, India. Soon after his book was published, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s began attacking him on social media. Nicholas Evans told the world how official members of the hindu RSS are invited to Qadian every year for the Jalsa.
Watch my video on Nicholas Evans work herein. The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s of India have been working extensively behind the scenes with the Hindu-RSS. This video is another piece of evidence, it shows how the Hindu RSS march the streets of Qadian.

Even in Israel, #qadianis support the zionist and love the religious freedom, however, they claim persecution in #palestine, which is controlled by #muslims.


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Qadian is full of trash, there are a few pig farms closeby too


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