Ahmadis are in the business of lying on behalf of the Mirza family, they lie about everything, they knew that MGA never led Salaat, never led Friday Khutbah, and never gave public speeches and never fasted during ramadhan. In fact, in 1904, he had the gall to drink with his left hand in front of a hostile gathering of Muslims and had to be escorted out by the British police. Per the story in the below, MGA’s widowed wife told her son (Mirza Bashir Ahmad) that when she first married MGA (1884-1885) and began living with him at Qadian, MGA would try to fast during ramadhan, however, because of his health, he could never complete a fast. The second year that she lived at (1886) MGA would try to fast again, but would fail and would pay the Fidya (a sort of tax on those who can’t fast), it is unclear whom MGA would pay this to, since there was no islamic organization at Qadian. Furthermore, MGA never paid Zakat and never donated any money to any islamic organization in his entire life. We believe that Nusrat Jehan is giving a half-truth here, she goes on to say that MGA fasted every month of Ramadhan from roughly 1889-1906, however, this is a lie, based on MGA’s medical condition. In fact, per Islam, MGA would have been exempted from fasting, since he was a diabetic, had frequent attacks of diarrhea and urine, took opium, and had what seems to be migraines and other brain trauma.

The quote
Seeratul Mahdi, Volume 1, Pages 51-52

“””“Hazrat Amajan(ra) narrated to me that when Hazrat Masih-e-Maud(as) began to have attacks, (these attacks have been further qualified in the context of the statement as of headache and cold feet syndrome, and could also be diarrhea/urine) in that year, he did not fast throughout the Ramadhan and paid the fidya. On the commencement of the Ramadhan during the second year, he started to observe the fast but after eight or nine days, the attacks began again and therefore he stopped and paid the fidya. The following year, he had fasted for ten or eleven days but on account of these attacks, he had to stop fasting again and he paid the fidya. The year after, it was the thirteenth fast when he had an attack around the time of Maghrib and he had to break it. He did not fast during the rest of the Ramadhan that year but he paid the fidya. After this, he observed all the fasts during Ramadhan, except during the last two or three years before his death”

To defend MGA, Ahmadi’s claim that Muhammad broke his fasts while travelling
In this book, on pages 179-181, they claim that Muhammad (saw) broke his fasts during ramadhan sometimes and while travelling. They argue as such to defend MGA breaking his fasts while at qadian, in the comforts of his own home. The author quotes Sahih Bukhari, 60:25, 31:38, 31:35. However, we can’t find these references.

page pdf 139/316
Narration no. 697

“Dr Mir Ismail stated to me that once at Ludhiana, hz Masih Moud (mgaq) was fasting during Ramadan that he felt weakness and his hands and feel got cold. At that time it was very close to sunset but he immediately broke the fast. He always chose the easier way in matter of religion”

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