This was posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. In the UK, there is a planning process whereby by law you have to submit your construction plans to the local authority who then post these plans online to take feedback from the local community before making a decision on whether the plans should be allowed to go ahead.

Wondered what the plans looked liked for the Tilford development and so I found them:

Page 6 of the pdf shows an overview of the plans, with the large housing complex along with a few other smaller buildings being highlighted in magenta pink, marked as “guest accommodation” per the key in the bottom right. A more detailed layout is shown on page 14, which appears to show that this complex is split into one large housing unit + 5 smaller guest houses (each home is circled here:

The size of the buildings (those highlighted in magenta pink on page 6) is given at the top of page 44 (“guest accommodation”), the proposal listing it as 1,117 sqm (* see edit below).

Judging by the image on page 6, the larger house of this complex (i.e. the big red circle in the previous image link) I would estimate to make up maybe around a quarter of the total size of the magenta pink buildings. Dividing 1,117 by 4 we get around 280 sqm (around 3000 square feet). According to Zoopla, the average floor plan of a UK home is 991 square feet (

Why does it need to be so large exactly? Wouldn’t the money spent have been better spent on more important issues?

Some caveats I would add are that there could have been updates made to this plan, I’m still digging. And I don’t think internal changes need planning permission, it is at least theoretically possible that a bunch of walls have been thrown up inside the house to split it into multiple units. I also don’t know if a bunch of the floor space is used as Jamaat offices, but given there are other buildings nearby, I don’t see why this would be the case. The main housing unit (as in it is a single house on its own) appears to be around 5000 square feet, unless he lives under the same roof as his adult children, it seems to be just his. See (biggest red circle is a separate home).

*EDIT: It appears I have misread the pdf, the FLOOR SPACE is actually listed as 1857 square meters (I was reading FOOT PRINT before) (bottom of page 43), dividing by 4 giving 464 square meters or 5000 square feet.



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