Pakistanis continue to suffer from floods in Pakistan, its a huge controversy. Under their breath, members of the Ahmadiyya Movement have been brainwashed to believe that since Pakistanis consider them non-Muslim and etc, they are being punished by MGA’s god. Nevertheless, Humanity First has been raising funds with the intent to help #Pakistanis, however, Pakistanis don’t want their help (chanda). This has prompted many Ahmadi’s to post on twitter and point the finger at Pakistanis for being hateful people. Ironically, in the Ahmadiyya Movement, only Ahmadi’s can give chanda, and as a punishment, their chanda can also get refused. Thus, we see the duality in Ahmadi’s. We have archived a video herein where Mirza Tahir Ahmad is claiming that ever since 1984 (and the passage of Ord-XX), he warned Pakistanis about their impending punishment from the God of Ahmadiyya. In 2022, Ahmadi’s shared this audio on tik tok and were bragging. This all goes back to MGA and his prophecy of the “doomsday-earthquake”, which was supposed to kill off non-Ahmadi’s (as a punishment) and increase the number of Ahmadi’s in the world until Ahmadi’s became the majority.

As of 9-1-2022, Qasim Rashid allegedly has collected 125k U.S. Dollars. @Kashifmd also has a collection going.

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