Initially, in 1891, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers dismissed earthquakes altogether, however, after the Kangra earthquake of April 4th, 1905, MGA and his team changed. They claimed that MGA had predicted the Kangra earthquake and was predicting more (See english ROR, April 1905). They immediately invented the “doomsday-earthquake-prophecy”. However, they also began to write in a subtle way that his God can also make mistakes and thus prophecies can fail. This was in Haqiqatul tul Wahy (1906-1907), MGA also connected the doomsday prophecy with a prophecy from the same era, MGA had prophesized that a son will be born to one of his close companions, and this son will be a very decorated figure for the Jama’at and the great earthquake prophecy will happen after his birth. But the companion’s wife delivered a girl (yet another failed prophecy: “Two girls & a word” in connection with this incident). Even the odds of probability didn’t help Mirza sb with his prophecies. So when the girl was born (1907), Mirza sb was in a tough spot, so he came up with an excuse. He claimed he had prayed to Allah a lot to postpone the earthquake & after accepting his prayers Allah changed the gender of baby in the womb, because had the boy born, the earthquake would happen. And thus, the earthquake was postponed & that’s the excuse Ahmadis use today to defend this.

However, on July 4th of 1907, 6 weeks after Haqiqatul Wahy was published, MGA gets another revelation from his God that the Earthquake will for sure happen, even during his lifetime, in other words, MGA will see it (See al-Badr).

MGA died in May of 1908, and there was no earthquake, in fact, in the BA-5, which was published in Oct. of 1908, the same prophecy was reiterated. There is a lengthy poem in this book as well about the future doomsday level earthquake.

After MGA died, Ahmadi’s were eager to fulfill his failed promises and prophecies, they immediately published Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 and began to try to solve all of MGA;s failed prophecies. In 1913, Maulvi Sher Ali lied about MGA’s revelation on Jan. 4th, 1904 and claimed it was about the losses incurred by the Ottomans via the Balkan Wars as well as their recovery, however, on second check, this prophecy never existed until 1935 (via the first Urdu edition of Tadhkirah) and it was edited to read as “Romans” instead of “Turks”. Similarly, after WW-1 had started (summer of 1914), Ahmadi writers/mullahs starting asserting that this was the earthquake that MGA had predicted, it was a war instead of an earthquake.  Although the prophecy did mention the possibility that earthquake could mean something else, but there are two major problems with the World War I justification.

  1. It did not happen within the lifetime of MGA. The prophecy is very clear in this regard, that this has to happen within his lifetime, otherwise he is not from God.

  2. The prophecy says that the occurrence of this incidence will be a victory for his movement and a large number of people with enter in his Jamaat. This clearly did not happen. World War I, was not, in any way, a positive event for Jamaat and we didn’t see a major conversion afterwards.

1890-1891, Kitáb-i-Aqdas, published from British-India

Bahaullah’s prophecy in Kitab e Aqdas:

1) two great wars associated with Germany

2) fall of Czar

3) fall of napoleon and other kingdoms.

4) Abdul Baha quotes Revelation 16 of the Bible and says the fulfilment will happen by 1918. MGA plagiarized it where it says rivers of blood etc.

5) Bahaullah speaks about atomic bombs and says there will be a sun in an atom.

They claimed that MGA had predicted the Kangra earthquake and was predicting more (See english ROR, April 1905). They immediately invented the “doomsday-earthquake-prophecy”.

1907—May 15th

See Haqiqatul Wahy, they also began to write in a subtle way that his God can also make mistakes and thus prophecies can fail.

MGA had previously said that the earthquake of doomsday would take place immediately after the birth of Muhammadi Begum’s son (the boy with like seven names that MGA imitated Isaiah 7 for) but a girl was born so the time has been postponed and it will definitely happen with the birth of her boy in the next birth, the lady died after MGA in October 1908 without having any sons (See page 122, online english edition of Haqiqatul Wahy).
1907—July 4th
[Badr, vol. 6, no. 27, July 4, 1907, p. 4]
Via Tadhkirah

Translation: [Arabic] I shall show you such an earthquake that is an example of the Judgment Day.



Muhammadee Begum dies.


Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5, Page 341-342

MGA said that this earthquake it must happen in his lifetime otherwise he’s false. He said if the Kangra type earthquakes happens in every century then he’s false. MGA said that from the earthquake of doomsday there will be a great increase in his community and multitudes will join his community. It will be good news and victory for the community. MGA said that it must be in his life and that would be within 16 years because Yalash (his god) told him he would live till 80, 5-6 years more or less and that these are God’s words (god’s words were edited from 4-5 in HW to 5-6 in BA5). MGA also says in BA5 that he is close to 70 (sattar ke qareeb). MGA said in BA5 that we should expect an earthquake and not something metaphorical although it is possible but because God says it will be an earthquake then it is more likely that it will be an earthquake.


“””Similarly, the prophecy about the future earthquake, that has been made, is also not an ordinary prophecy. If it ultimately does turn out to be ordinary, or does not occur within my lifetime, then I am not from God Almighty.

God informs me that the calamity which He has designated ‘the earthquake’ shall be like unto Doomsday, and that it will be mightier than the first one. There is no doubt that in this prophecy about the future, as in the previous prophecy, the word ‘earthquake’ appears repeatedly and no other word is used. The literal meaning has greater right to be accepted than the metaphorical meaning, but it has to be said—in keeping with the practice of all Prophets to show deference to the providence of God and to the vastness of the knowledge of God— that although the word ‘earthquake’ has been used apparently, it may possibly mean some other calamity of the nature of an earthquake but it might be even more devastating than the previous one, and may severely impact buildings as well.

This prophecy cannot be invalidated just because it does not specify the date and the time, for it contains so many other details that make it unnecessary to mention the date and time. For example, God said: The earthquake will appear within your lifetimethe occurrence of this earthquake will mark a great victory for you, and a great many people will enter your Jama‘at [Community]; it will be a heavenly Sign for you.”””
MGA’s poem about the earthquakes

A Sign will appear some time from now (today is April 15, 1905) which shall overwhelm villages, towns and meadows.

The wrath of God will bring a revolution in the world; the naked one will have no time to fasten his trousers.

Suddenly an earthquake will severely shake them all—be they humans, trees, rocks, or oceans.

In the twinkling of an eye the earth will be turned upside down and streams of blood will flow like the water of a rivulet.

Those whose night garments were white as jasmine will be in the morning [red] like the Sycamore tree.

Men shall lose their senses and birds their consciousness and nightingales and pigeons will forget their songs.

That hour will bear heavily upon every traveler and wayfarers will lose their way in confusion and deliriousness.

With the blood of the dead, the running waters of highland streams will turn red like Bistort Syrup.

The terror of it will exhaust all, great and small, and even the Tsar at that hour, will be in a pitiable state.

That Divine Sign will be a specimen of terror. The sky will attack with a drawn sword.

Hasten not to repudiate this, thou undiscerning fool, for my truthfulness depends entirely on the fulfilment of this Sign.

This is a prophecy based on Divine revelation and will surely be fulfilled; wait then awhile in righteousness and steadfastness.

In 1913, Maulvi Sher Ali lied about MGA’s revelation on Jan. 4th, 1904 and claimed it was about the losses incurred by the Ottomans via the Balkan Wars as well as their recovery, however, on second check, this prophecy never existed until 1935 (via the first Urdu edition of Tadhkirah) and it was edited to read as “Romans” instead of “Turks”.

In the August 1914 edition of The Review of Religions, the community reprinted MGA’s prophecy. The community went on reprint the prophecy in September 1914.

The editor of the magazine remarked:

“This is a harrowing account of a future distress which is to fall humanity in the near or remote future. The description is of a complex character and its dire details are dreadful enough to cause a shudder and make one’s hair stand on end… the name of Russian Tsar attaches special interest to the predicted event… Our readers can easily interpret the wording of the Promised Messiahas in the light of the events as they occur under their very eyes and testify to the truth of the prophecy according to their own way of looking at things.”

1914 August ROR

1914 September ROR

The ROR of June-1915 also seems to discuss the prophecy.

1915 June ROR

The Khalifa publishes a book, “Zinda Khuda ke zuburdust nishan” (See Anwarul ‘Uloom, Vol. 3, p. 55). In this book, the Khalifa argues that ::

These are the days of the printing press, and we are at liberty to reject any prophecy respecting which there is no written evidence. All the prophecies of the Promised Messiahas that I have mentioned are to be found printed in various books, newspapers, and periodicals prior to the event. Hence not even the bitterest foe can have the face to assert that these prophecies have been invented after the event. For, they were not only published, both among friends and foes, long before these events came to pass but God has brought about another way of proving that these prophecies had been actually published beforehand. The Promised Messiahas lived under a Government which professes an alien religion and according to the laws of this government, a copy of each and every book, periodical, advertisement, or newspaper that is published in India is sent to the Government Office for file, at the time of its publication. Thus, the fact that these prophecies were actually published beforehand may be ascertained by reference to governmental records and files. This evidence is irrefutable.”


the prophecy didn’t say it would only afflict India.

The ROR of January 1916 also seems to discuss the prophecy.

1916 January ROR

The ROR of March 1917 also seems to discuss the prophecy.

MGA was claiming that he predicted the earthquake of 3-27-1906 in Rampur.

MGA’s predictions:

1) 5 great earthquakes with the 5th being the earthquake of doomsday

2) 5 happening in short intervals

3) no such earthquake will happen for a long time after the earthquake of doomsday

Some Quotes

“””The fact that Divine warnings can be averted through repentance, seeking forgiveness and giving of alms is something which no religion or sect denies. All Prophets are unanimous in their belief that genuine remorse, prayers and charity can ward off calamities. It is, therefore, quite obvious that when God intends to chastise someone and informs a Prophet beforehand of the impending punishment, this is then called a prophecy of warning. When a Prophet is not informed beforehand of an impending punishment, then that chastisement will be considered a hidden decree of God.””

“””Remember, it was necessary for large number of people to die at the time of the Messiah and it was also destined that plagues and earthquakes should strike. This is the meaning of the Hadith wherein it is written that people would perish with the breath of the Messiah, and his killing breath would work as far as his eyes would see.”””

—“We do not punish a people until a Prophet has been sent to them.’-(Bani Isra’il, 17:16).

Click to access A-Present-to-His-Royal-Highness.pdf

See pages 87-88
See also, Tuhfat Shahzad WalesAnwarul ‘Uloom, Vol. 6, p. 524

In this book, the Khalifa claims that MGA predicted the Kangra earthquake and many more.

“Tuhfat Shahzad Wales,” Anwarul ‘Uloom, Vol. 6, p. 523

The prophecy indicated several things in respect to this portion:

Firstly, the Tsar’s government would not be shaken by internal revolutions before the beginning of this war (as the Tsar will still be in power). Secondly, that his government would not survive the war, as it had been foretold that he would be reduced to a miserable plight during the war (and thus his government will be terminated). Thirdly, that he would be dethroned before his death (as it is impossible for him to be in a pitiable state whilst still on the throne). Fourthly, that he would be the last Tsar, for the words of the prophecy were directed against Tsars as such, and not against any particular monarch. Lastly, that he would not die suddenly but would be subjected to great humiliation, disgrace and torture (as indicated by the prophesied pitiable state that he will be in).”

Tuhfat Shahzad Wales, Anwarul ‘Uloom, Vol 6, p. 522
although the word zalzalah has been employed in this prophecy, in the Arabic language, zalzalah can denote any type of calamity.[
“Ahmadiyyat or The True Islam”

Page 19
“””He was a resident of Kadian or Kade as Qadian is popularly called. In short, when we consider all these prophecies collectively, we find that they apply to no age but to the present, and to no person but to Ahmadas. It appears clearly that the present age is the age of the advent of the promised one, whose appearance was foretold by the former Prophets, and that Ahmadas is the promised one whose advent had been eagerly awaited for centuries. When we see that before most of these signs were witnessed, the holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement, having received revelations from on High, foretold the appearance of many of these signs, as, for instance, the approach of the plague, the World War, universal earthquakes, the influenza epidemic, etc., etc., our faith and conviction are further strengthened, and we are compelled to believe, like every person who does not act thoughtlessly but considers and reflects and acts with justice, that God has fulfilled the hopes and expectations of all nations in the person of the holy founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement. The clouds of His mercy have sent down showers of rain, and lands which had been parched have been watered; blessed is he who collects this water in his fields, and renouncing all manner of pride and hypocrisy holds his faith above the riches and glories of this world.”””

“””This instance also pertains to Europe where, and in America, it has exercised, and is still exercising, a profound influence. I refer to his prophecy concerning the Great War and the end of the Czar. This prophecy was published piecemeal and was completed in four years from 1904 to 1908. He prophesied that God had told him that ‘a mighty earthquake was impending,’ and he explained that it did not necessarily mean that the earth would be actually shaken, but that it meant some form of calamity ‘which would cause great loss of life and destruction of buildings, and which would cause rivers of blood to flow and create great consternation among men.’ From the details of this earthquake as foretold at the time it appears that the prophecy foreshadowed a great war, for he says ‘consternation would be caused in the whole world, and travelers would be
put to great trouble.’ This clearly shows that the calamity foretold was a war, for an earthquake would not particularly affect travelers. Again, he says ‘rivers of blood would flow and the calamity would come all of a sudden.”””


Via “Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” by the 2nd Khalifa
See pages 366-386

The Khalifa explains that MGA’s doomsday earthquake prophecy was really about WW-1 and not an actual earthquake. He also mentions the fall of the Tsar and keywords like vessels.


In Ahmadiyya, Muslims die in Earthquakes since they reject MGA, however, in 1935, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Quetta was totally destroyed and 14 Ahmadi’s killed

In Ahmadiyya, Muslims die in Earthquakes since they reject MGA, however, in 1935, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Quetta was totally destroyed and 14 Ahmadi’s killed. 

Lecture titled _”A Message of Peace and a Word of Warning”_ * 28 July 1967 * at Wandsworth Town Hall in London

The Promised Messiah (as) also prophesied that a Third World War of even bigger dimensions would follow the Second. The two opposing camps will clash with such suddenness that every one will be caught unawares. Death and destruction will rain from the sky and fierce flames shall engulf the earth.

The colossus of modern civilization will tumble to the ground.
Both the communist and the opposing blocks will perish in the process. * Russia and its satellites on the one hand and the US and its allies on the other, shall be destroyed, their might broken, their civilization ruined and their system shattered. * The survivors shall stand aghast and amazed at the tragedy.

Russia will recover sooner from the calamity than the West. The prophecy is clear that the Russian population will recover and multiply rapidly. They will be reconciled to their Creator and will *accept Islam* and the Holy Prophet (sa) of Islam.

You may consider this a fantasy. But those who survive the third world war will witness and bear out the truth of what I have said. These are the words of God Almighty. They shall be fulfilled. No one can avert His decree.

The end of the third world war will be the beginning of the triumph of Islam. People will accept its truth in large numbers and will realize that Islam alone is the true religion and that the emancipation of man is to be won through the message of Muhammad (sa) alone.

Lecture Ludhiana is published for the time ever and added into Ruhani Khuzain.

The first ever english translation of Lecture Ludhiana is published. 
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In Ahmadiyya, Muslims die in Earthquakes since they reject MGA, however, in 1935, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Quetta was totally destroyed and 14 Ahmadi’s killed

Initially, in 1891, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad dismissed Earthquakes altogether, however, after the Kangra earthquake of 1905, MGA changed

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