Per internal British Govt. reports, the Qadiani’s alleged that 20,000 Ahmadi’s attended the Jalsa at Qadian in 1940 (see page 108/356). They also alleged that the Sikhs of Qadian (about 200-300) blocked roads and blocked the Khalifa’s entry into the Jalsa area.

The ROR of Aug-1942 has a Friday Sermon of the 2nd Khalifa wherein he alleges that he told 20-25k attendees about his visions about the WW-2 in Africa (this is unconfirmed, after-the-fact boasting). The 2nd Khalifa alleges that he got this vision in 1940 while in Simla and at the house of Zafrullah Khan. The ROR of Sep-1942 mentions the Jalsa of 1940 and how a correspondent of the Civil and Military Gazette told a lie about the 2nd Khalifa. The correspondent told the Civil and Military Gazette that the Khalifa at Qadian was threatening the British government with violence. In 2019, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s published a speech by the 2nd Khalifa that he allegedly gave on Dec. 28, 1940.
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