Make sure you read my detailed essay on the historicity of Ahmadiyya Jalsa’s herein. We are creating a repository for Ahmadiyya Jalsa’s, in chronological order. It should be noted that between 1893–1907, there don’t seem to be any Jalsa’s, in 1947, Dard claimed that there was one in 1897, however, this seems dubious, since there is no corroborating info. Muhammad Ali and other Ahmadi sources also mention a meeting of the Sadr Anjuman in 1906 and 1907, however, this is not a Jalsa.

It should be noted that per MGA, the 3-day Jalsa should always be held during Christmas week in December. This wasn’t followed by Ahmadi’s as they moved to Rabwah. Furthermore, it seems like MGA was creating a substitution for Christmas (See Dard).

The first Annual Conference was held from December 27th to 29th at the Aqsa Mosque in Qadian. Only 75 members attended that year, Dard claims that 80 Ahmadi’s attended.

Maulvi Abdul Karim read out MGA’s book, “ASMANI FAISALAH” in english as “The Heavenly Decree”. MGA isn’t reported as giving any speeches or leading any prayers.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1892

Per Ahmadiyya sources ( website, retrieved on 8-14-21), 327 members attended the Jalsa. See here also—

MGA published some announcements about the 2nd ever Jalsa. It’s unclear where and when these were published.

Ishtihar 7 December 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, p. 340
“””The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; They may enhance their knowledge and – due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah – The Exalted- their perception [ of Allah ] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community…”””

Ishtihar 7 December 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, p. 341
“””It is essential for all those who can afford to undertake the journey, that they must come to attend this Convention which embodies many blessed objectives. They should disregard minor inconveniences in the cause of Allah and His prophet (peace be upon him.). Allah yields reward to the sincere persons at every step of their way, and no labour and hardship, undertaken in His way, ever goes to waste. I re-emphasize that you must not rank this convention in the same league as other, ordinary, human assemblies. This is a phenomenon that is based purely on the Divine Help, for propagation of Islam.”””

Ishtihar 7 December 1892, Majmoo`ah Ishtiharat Vol. I, p. 342
“”I conclude with the prayer that everyone who travels for [attending] this Convention that is for the sake of Allah: May Allah, the Exalted, be with him, reward him in abundant measure, have mercy on him, ease up for him his circumstances of hardship and anxiety and eliminate his anguish and grief. May He grant him freedom from every single hardship and lay open for him the ways of [achieving] his cherished goals, and raise him up, on the day of Judgment, among those of His servants who are the recipients of His blessings and Mercy. May He be their Guardian in their absence until after their journey comes to an end. O Allah! O Sublime One and Bestower of bounties, the Ever Merciful and One Who Resolves all problems, do grant all these prayers, and grant us Victory over our opponents with scintillating signs, because You alone have all the prowess and power. Ameen! Ameen!!”””

The Jalsa is postponed for financial reasons (See Dard). The announcement of postponement was made in his book Shahadatul Quran.


Per Dard, the Jalsa was held. Dard lies and claims that MGA gave some speeches, a total lie. They published what seems to be an english translation in the Jan-Feb-March editions of the ROR.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1905

During the Jalsa Salana of December 1905, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti’s body was dug up from some graveyard and moved to the Bahishti Maqbara, he was the first person to be buried at this new graveyard, he was only 47 years old at the time of death.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1906

MGA’s special son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad gave his first public speech at the annual meeting of the Sadr Anjuman in Qadian in December of 1906. He had failed miserably in school and couldn’t see very well. Every time he tried to read, he would get a headache, he also suffered from many mental illnesses in this era, it was most likely genetic, i.e., inherited from MGA. He was so sick, MGA was giving him pure opium while he was still an infant. Nevertheless, he was terrible at speaking, but was given a major opportunity to speak and to be heard. He eventually died a slow and miserable death in 1965.

On 28 December 1906, on the occasion of the annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya community, Maulana Muhammad Ali submitted and read out the first annual report on the working of the Anjuman, and presented its annual budget, which amounted to Rs. 30,000 excluding the free kitchen. He made an impassioned speech in which he mentioned the companions of the Holy Prophet and how they sacrificed their lives and money, and said that God had made things easier in our time as there was no need to sacrifice life, but sacrifice of money was still needed. Concluding his speech he advised members of the community to lead a religious life and do for the religion even more than what others do for the materialistic world. He also appealed for funds for constructing the school building (See Mujahid e Kabir).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1907

Ahmadiyya sources claim that 2000 people attended this Jalsa. However, this number is dubious. In fact, there are no records of the 1907 Jalsa at Qadian. This seems to be the annual meeting of the Sadr Anjuman, not a Jalsa.

Mujahid-e-Kabir also mentions the Jalsa of 1907.

The 1908 Jalsa at Qadian


The english Review of Religions (ROR) for January 1913 reports that there was a Jalsa at Qadian. They claim that Muhammad Ali opened the Jalsa with a speech. Maulvi Muhammad Ali urged Ahmadi’s to continue to be supportive of the British government.

It started on a Wednesday December 25th. Noorudin was also there, however, his leg was amputated and he couldn’t do much. By Friday, the ROR reports that there were 4000 people attending Juma prayers.

Other speakers were Shaikh Timur, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Dr. Mirza Yacub Baig, Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah and Chaudhary Fateh Muhammad (from aligarh).

Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad was not present, he had went for Hajj. Khawaja Kamaluddin was in London and also sent a message.


Mujahid-e-Kabir mentions the Jalsa of 1913, very briefly.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1914

This was the first Jalsa of the Qadiani branch of Ahmadiyya after Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad became Khalifa. Not much is known of this Jalsa, we only know that 600 converts to Ahmadiyya were reported (which was a lie). The Qadiani-Ahmadi Jamaat has not even archived the number of people that attended. The Khalifa’s lectures during this Jalsa seem to be recorded and available in english, see here. The Khalifa mentioned the building of the minaret, which had been stopped after 1903, since all the money had went missing. It seems to have been re-started after this Jalsa.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1915

This was the second Jalsa at Qadian under the Khilafat of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad. The only reference to this Jalsa is via a speech of the Khalifa which was converted into the controversial book by the Khalifa which was published a few months later as “Anwar-i-Khilafat”.

The 1916 Jalsa at Qadian


The 1917 Jalsa at Qadian


The ROR of Aug-Sep-1919 reports that during the Jalsa of 1918, on 12-28-1918, the 2nd Khalifa gave a speech on “Remembrance of God”, this was translated into english by Abul Hashem Khan Choudri (his name is spelled as Abul Hasham Khan Choudri). However, this is inaccurate, the Jalsa of 1918 was delayed to March-1919. 


The annual gathering of the Qadiani-Ahmadiyya community took place on the 26, 27, 28 and 29 December 1919. It is expected that there will be a gathering of Ahmadi ladies also, as usual.
Many Lahori-Ahmadi’s were invited to this Jalsa and even had an opportunity to speak. After they spoke, Mir Muhammad Ishaq gave a refutation of their arguments (see “truth about the split”, pages 210-211, online english edition).

There was another jalsa held in March of 1919.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1920

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1921

As we all know, MGA didn’t know Arabic properly enough to write academically in Arabic, nor could MGA pronounce easy Arabic letters like Duad, Ain, Ghain and Qaaf, just to name a few.  After 1897, MGA began to claim that he learned 40,000 roots of Arabic in one night. At the Jalsa of 1921, the Khalifa seems to have claimed that MGA did in fact learn arabic in one minute, which is ridiculous.

The 1922 Jalsa at Qadian


Ahmadiyya sources report 10,000 attendees.

The Khalifa had just came back from his tour of the world (to London and back). His travel dates were July 12th, 1924 to November 24th, 1924 (see Tarikh e Ahmadiyya)(See also ROR of 2008). As soon as he returned to Qadian, he got all the reports of the “goings-on” while he was away. He received reports that his wife #2, Amtul Hai (age-24) was writing letters to various newspapers and telling them how bad her husband was. When the Khalifa returned from his tour of Europe in 1924, the daughter of Noorudin died mysteriously (his wife). The front page of Al-fazal 20 Dec 1924, it says “final moments of Syeda Amtul Hai (also spelled Amtul Haye).

Nevertheless, the Jalsa was held on the 26th-28th. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the 2nd Khalifa gave a 4 hour speech on Bahaism (which special focus on his claim to divinity) on the first day and a 6 hour speech on Naimatullah Khan and his state killing in Afghanistan. The 2nd Khalifa’s full team of ghost writers where there: Qasim Ali, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Abdur Rahim Nayyar, Abdur Rahman Misri, Maulavi Syed Sarwar Shah, Zafrullah Khan, Fateh Muhammad Sial, Ghulam Rasool Rajecki and Hafiz Raushan Ali and the ROR reports that they gave lectures.

Ahmadiyya sources claim that 15,000 to 16,000 attendees were recorded and that 600 people converted to Ahmadiyya on the spot, which is a lie.

The 1925 Jalsa at Qadian was reported in the February-1926 edition of the ROR. The Ahmadiyya Community claimed that 11,111 people attended. Maulvi Farzand Ali was there.

The March-1927 edition of the ROR mentions the Jalsa of 1926.


There seem to be barely 1000 Ahmadi’s in this photo who attended the 1927 Jalsa in Qadian.

On 27 December 1929: Jalsa Salana took place and the Khalifa continued with his series of lectures on the Holy Quran. Ahmadiyya sources claim that 17,316 members of the Jamaat attended the event, however, this is a huge exaggeration. The Khalifa gave a famous speech, which was later created into book form (And added to Anwar ul Aloom), in which he aggressively wrote that there was nothing wrong with child marriage, see in the below.

Allegedly, attendance was 20,000 people.

Allegedly, attendance was 15,000 people. 

The 1933 Jalsa Salana at Qadian


The 1934 Jalsa at Qadian


The ROR of Jan-1936 reports that 20,000 people attended this Jalsa and loud speakers were used for the time ever in 1935.

The ROR of Jan-1937 reports that the Jalsa was held as usual in Qadian in Dec. of 1936. Attendance was not given.

The 1937 Ahmadiyya Jalsa at Qadian


The 1938 Jalsa Salana at Qadian


The 1939 Jalsa at Qadian


1940 Jalsa at Qadian


The 1941 Jalsa at Qadian



The 1944 Jalsa at Qadian


The 1947 Qadiani-Ahmadi Jalsa in Lahore, Pakistan and Qadian, India

After the biggest massacre of Ahmadi’s ever in Ahmadiyya history (during partition, 1947), the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s settled in Lahore and organized the first ever Qadiani Jalsa in Pakistan. On 16 December 1947, the Khalifa announced during the Friday Sermon that just as the Jalsa Qadian would continue as normal, a zilli Jalsa [meaning in reflection of the original] would be held in Lahore on 27 and 28 December 1947, which was to be preceded by the Shura on the 26 December.

Thus, there were 2 Jalsa’s in the Punjab. Per Ahmadiyya sources, the Jalsa at Qadian was attended by 315 individuals of which 62 were Sikh and non-Ahmadi Muslim guests.

The 1951 Jalsa Salana at Qadian

The 1951 Jalsa Salana at Rabwah


The Ahmadiyya Jalsa of 1952


The 1953 Jalsa at Rabwah


1954 is an interesting year in the history of #ahmadiyya. The Khalifa was allegedly stabbed in the back in the early part of 1954 at Masjid Mubarak in Rabwah. The Khalifa then toured London and Europe again. In December, the Jalsa was held in Rabwah. Not a single Ahmadi was killed in the year of 1954. In the below, we have produced a book which seems to be a speech by the Khalifa on a Tuesday, during the Jalsa at Rabwah. The 1956 Jalsa would be the final Jalsa wherin the 2nd Khalifa would give a speech.

The 1956 Jalsa Salana (December 27th) is important in the history of Ahmadiyya. The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud Din Mahmud Ahmad seems to have given his final public speech, which is now famous known as Khilafat-i Haqqa Islamia. The next 9 years of his life were spent in pain and agony. The Khalifa appointed his eldest son, Mirza Nasir Ahmad to lead all the Friday sermons and to manage the day-to-day operations of the Ahmadiyya Movement. In this famous final speech by the Khalifa, he ex-communicated the sons of Noorudin. These were the brothers of Amtul Hai. It should be noted that the youngest son of Noorudin, Abdul Mannan was rumored to have been a front-runner for the Khilafat all throughout Rabwah in 1956.

The 1961 Qadian at Jalsa


The 1971 Jalsa at Qadian


The 1981 Jalsa at Qadian


The final Jalsa at Rabwah is held.

The 1991 Jalsa at Qadian


Barely 100 American’s converted to Ahmadiyya from July 2019 to July 2020


The Mirza family and the Ahmadi mullahs have a long history of lying about their number of converts. However, for the first time ever, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad announced the number of converts from America, Canada, Germany and the UK in any single year (starting at the 1:03:07 mark). Even though the Khalifa has finally announced bait figured per country and an overall number of 112,179, which is down almost 400% in contrast to 2018-2019, these are all still lies. Especially in Africa, people aren’t willfully converting to Ahmadiyya anywhere in Africa, they may only be converting for free school and medical attention. In fact, Fisher described Ahmadiyya in Africa as a British-Maritime-Implantation, in fact, wherever the British government went, Ahmadiyya mullahs tagged along and the Mirza family got paid. To read the history of how Ahmadiyya mullahs/Mirza family have lied about converts see here. What’s interesting here, most Ahmadi’s think that Ahmadiyya is growing….however, the numbers don’t lie. If you look at Africa, almost 100,000 converts to Ahmadiyya from Africa. In fact, that is roughly 90% of all converts to Ahmadiyya. We are left with 12,000 (10%). Of the remaining 10%, Asia comprises 3-4% (3000-4000k people). That leaves about 7-8% from Europe, Australia and the entire western hemisphere. Converts to Ahmadiyya in Pakistan weren’t even discussed. Finally, even these numbers are lies, that Africa number is a sham equal to that of Lance Armstrong. Furthermore, that leaves barely 12,000 converts to Ahmadiyya in one year, we suspect that the number is really 1000 in total, 1000 humans converted to Ahmadiyya in the 2019-2020 Ahmadiyya fiscal year. Read our full analysis on the growth of Ahmadiyya from 1889 to 2020 here.

Finally, it should be noted that even Ahmadi mullah’s have admitted that no one is converting to Ahmadiyya in Canada, only fake conversions for marriage.


At the 2021 #Ukjalsa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad has announced 125,221 new #ahmadi’s. Watch the full video herein (See at the 1:0:08 mark). This is a total lie. Last year, the Khalifa made a huge mistake and gave a breakdown, this is how we figured out that 90% of the alleged converts came from Africa, which is a lie! Nevertheless, the Khalifa also announced that Guinea-Conakry, which in reality, is the country of Guinea had the highest number of converts (the Khalifa said 25,000), this is totally absurd. Just last year, we did a thorough investigation of Ahmadiyya in Guinea and didn’t find a single Qadiani-Ahmadi mullah who was working in that country. The Khalifa even tried to confuse silly Ahmadi’s and call it Guinea-Conakry. Whereas, Conakry is the capital of Guinea, not a part of the name of the country itself.

#2 on the list is Cameroon, and it is also a total lie. In 2020, the Khalifa announced 13k converts from Cameroon, this is absurd, our research proves that there are less than 500 Ahmadi’s in call of Cameroon and only 1 Ahmadi mullah and like 2 Ahmadi temples. #3 is Sierra Leone. The Khalifa then proceeds to announce that all of these converts don’t include Pakistan. He then claims that Senegal is next on the list and goes to give 40-50 countries without giving the exact number of conversion. He did this purposely, since we were able to count up all the baits from last year and prove that 90% of the announced baits were faked from Africa.

The Qadian Jalsa 2022, news and notes

West Coast Jalsa Salana 2022, news and notes

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