In 1934, Herbert William Emerson, the governor of the Punjab authorized the Ahrar to hold a conference close to Qadian. He also heard that the 2nd Khalifa was about to issue an announcement asking for 1000’s of Ahmadi’s to come to Qadian during the Ahrar conference. At that point, Herbert William Emerson told the 2nd Khalifa to stop!!!! It seems that this announcement was published nevertheless, and blamed on the 2nd Khalifa’s secretary. This seems to have angered the governor. He ordered that all visitors of Qadian (see the 6th paragraph from the bottom) be recorded and that every Friday Khutbah of the Khalifa to be recorded and sent to him for review (see page 270). This is also discussed in the ROR of Jan-1935 by the 2nd Khalifa, he totally blames his “Nazir Umoor-Amma” (Secretary of Home Affairs) for publishing the announcement wherein they begged 1000’s of Ahmadi’s to come to Qadian for defense.

In the aftermath, Ahmadiyya murrabi’s in London (Dard) sent letters to the secretary of state for India and thus went over the head of the the governor of the Punjab. Via internal government reports, Herbert William Emerson felt like the 2nd Khalifa had a vendetta against him. Khosla’s case was going on in this era also, thus, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s were cornered and looking for help from the secretary of State for India. Even in 1935, the 2nd Khalifa was claiming that the Ahmadiyya Movement and Punjab Government were at odds.

Even in the ROR of May-1936, which quotes the Khalifa’s Friday Sermon of March-20-1936, the 2nd Khalifa complained that the government would not listen to the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and saw them as guilty, this was even after the famous judgement of Coldstream and Khosla. The 2nd Khalifa complained that MGA had been called 100 times in the local newspapers as a liar, drunkard and anti-Christ. They also quoted the 2nd Khalifa’s friday sermons of March-27-1936, April 3rd, 1936 and April-10-1936.

Emerson is mentioned in the ROR of Sep-1942.

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Maulana Abdur Raheem Dard aka M. Rahim Bakhsh


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