The ROR of Nov-1934 has reproduced the Friday Sermon of the 2nd Khalifa on Oct-19-1934. This was just a few days before the famous “Ahrar Tableegh Conference”, just outside Qadian on 21–23 of October 1934. In December of 1934, Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari was given 6 months of prison for disturbing the peace. However, he won on appeal in the summer of 1935 (the Khosla judgement) and never spent a single day in prison.

Nevertheless, back to the Friday Sermon of Oct-19-1934, in this sermon, the 2nd Khalifa ordered all the Ahmadi Murrabi’s to come to his house (Dar ul Anwar) after the Friday service. They were going to be sent out to gain influence in terms of the forthcoming assembly elections. They would be sent to Sarghoda, Jhang and Mianwali districts.

The 2nd Khalifa then announced that the Punjab government had placed certain restrictions on the Ahmadi’s at Qadian (which the 2nd Khalifa disagreed with, however, was outwardly cooperating). The Punjab government didn’t want any Ahmadi’s hold a stick in their hand, up to the 27th of October. The 2nd Khalifa complains that he came to Masjid Aqsa without a stick today and he expects Ahmadi’s to do the same, even though this was against his family traditions. He goes to claim that he has 2 announcements, the first one is that NO Ahmadi should do any violence vs. Muslims, in fact, the Khalifa says that even if an Ahmadi is about to get killed, an ahmadi shouldn’t stop walking, just take photo’s. The 2nd announcement is delayed by the Khalifa until after the “Ahrar Tableegh Conference”.

The Khalifa goes on to claim that the Government (the punjab government) has insulted the Ahmadiyya Community by allowing the “Ahrar Tableegh Conference”. The 2nd Khalifa argues that the Ahmadiyya Community is the most loyal community in the entire British Colonial Empire. The 2nd Khalifa argues that the Ahmadiyya Community has spent 100,000’s of rupees on loyalty to the government and supporting the government and has never even asked for copper in return.

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JUDGEMENT OF MR G.D. KHOSLA’S Session Judge Gurdaspur, India, 6 June 1935 SYED ATTAULLAH SHAH BOKHARI APPEAL CASE,in%20the%20Central%20Legislative%20Assembly.&text=The%20total%20electorate%20for%20the,of%20votes%20polled%20was%20608%2C198.


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