Ahmadi’s are known for never presenting information properly. Ahmadi’s have been on twitter telling the world that Maulvi Sanaullah believed in the alleged death of Eisa (as), and Ahmadi’s purposely overlook all of his writings and thus, they purposely hide the truth about Maulvi Sanaullah. In roughly 1902, as Maulvi Sanaullah was his late 30’s he published a commentary on the Holy Quran wherein he seemed to deny miracles in the Quran (just like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan). Nevertheless, in the same year he held a debate with Ahmadi’s and his main argument was from Abu Hurraira and his famous sahih hadith on 4:159, this was caused MGA to call Abu Hurraira a Ghabi. We have tweeted about this too. MGA referred to “”Tafsir Thana’i””, also spelled as Tafsir Sanai or Tafeer Sanai in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5, MGA lied and claimed that Maulana Sanaullah had also written that Abu Hurairya was deficient in knowledge.

Nevertheless, Ahmadi’s have ignored all of this, they purposely mis-represented this data, they were taught to be competitive as such, even MGA misrepresented Ibn Abbas and his comments on Eisa (As).

Scans of 3:55, 5:117 and 4:159

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