It seems that the Ahmadiyya pseudo imam, Ibrahim Noonan sent a DM to young Muslim girl on twitter wherein he gave her his resume. Noonie claims to have been a kickboxing champion and even officially fought for the government/country of Ireland. These are lies, Noonie also claims to have college degrees in theology from before he converted to Ahmadiyya, that is also a lie. Noonan said this in his attempt to began conversations with this woman (who seems to be a fake account). This is called sliding in the DM’s in the urban dictionary.

Noonie also covers up the fact that he never attended Jamia and was “grand-fathered-in” by one murrabi tho taught him over a period of several years, similar to how Rashid Ahmad became an imam in the 1950’s. In the past, He showed up at Speakers corner and made a fool out of himself, the video has since been deleted. In this same year, he admitted to chasing women and being a loser. He publicly beefed with Fiona O’Leary also, see here.


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