Reports are coming out of whatsapp groups explaining how Nida’s nephew (named Murtaz Aziz by NUST)(technically, the son of her cousin (Dr. Mirza Sultan Ahmad, a child specialist at Fazl e Omar Hospital-Rabwah) has committed suicide at National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) in Islamabad, Pakistan. Rana Tanveer has tweeted this also. The Rabwah darul Hijrat twitter handle has also tweeted this. Rumors are swirling to the effect that the Mirza family may have pushed to have him kill himself since he knew about the sexual misgivings of his father and the Mirza family at Rabwah. The family seems to have already buried the body and thus, there will be no further investigation.

Who is Dr. Mirza Sultan Ahmad? He is the son of Mirza Khursheed Ahmad, a great-grandson of MGA. This makes Nida’s nephew the great-great-grandson of MGA. Zaitoon did another program on this in July-2023, see herein.

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Who is Dr. Mirza Sultan Ahmad?

The Fazl E Omar Hospital at Rabwah is a private business of the Mirza family, and a sex house


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