After returning from an extensive tour in Europe and with a small piece of metal in his neck, the 2nd Khalifa spent lavishly on a reception at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan in September of 1955. Ahmadiyya sources claim that the 2nd Khalifa gave a lecture on Sep-21-1955 ( See Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 17, pp. 29-34 also). Many local newspapers commented on this reception, a few of them are as follows, Roznama Inqilab of Karachi, Roznama Jang of Karachi, The Daily Evening Star of Karachi, The Daily Pakistan Standard of Karachi, Roznama Amroz of Karachi, Roznama Millat of Lahore, Roznama Nawa-i-Kashmir of Lahore, and Roznama Pasbaan of Dhaka. He was also at the Beach Luxury Hotel in 1953, see the refs in the below.

Roznama Inqilab of Karachi reported on 23 September 1955:

“The Imam of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad said that today Europe is starving for Islam, since they are unable to find peace anywhere else. Therefore, we just need to carry out tabligh and convey to them the message of Islam, and they will be ready to accept it. He said that a time will come when America and Europe will accept Islam [in large numbers]. He appealed to the Muslims telling them to leave aside their internal disputes and unite to preach the Unity of God. He proposed that if every citizen of Karachi donated five rupees each, two million people could raise an amount of ten million rupees, which could be utilised to carry out tabligh in Europe on a large scale. While narrating his tour of Europe, he told:

“‘In every European country where I visited, the people would meet me and inquire about Islam with great interest. I delivered a speech at a college in Switzerland that was translated into various languages. A student expressed that “if there are such great features of Islam, then why can’t the Muslims and Christians jointly preach the message of Unity of God in those areas where people do not believe in God?”’

“Mirza Sahib continued by saying that ‘We are required to send tablighi missions [to Europe] as much as possible, which may not necessarily be sent by Ahmadis, rather by Sunnis, Shias, Ahl-e-Hadith, and Aga Khanis as well. […] Our Jamaat is a small community, thus, if we send 10 [tablighi] missions, the others should send 10,000 missions, creating a spirit of competition in tabligh, which will surely be beneficial [for the cause of Islam].’”
The Roznama Millat of Lahore reported on 24 September 1955:

“While speaking at a reception held at the Beach Luxury Hotel, Head of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud emphasised the need to send Muslim delegations to the European countries [for tabligh]. Mirza Sahib, who just recently returned from his tour of Europe, was narrating his impressions about the tour. He said that the Europeans are very eager to learn about Islam since wherever he visited, the people insisted that Muslim delegations be sent there in order to teach them about Islam. He stated that a huge number of people are ready to accept Islam, provided arrangements are made to convey to them the true teachings of Islam. He found there were many who favoured [the Islamic teachings of] purdah and polygamy. Towards the end of his speech, Mirza Sahib emphasised the need to raise funds for sending Muslim delegations to foreign countries.” 

Roznama Jang of Karachi reported on 24 September 1955:

“While speaking at a private gathering, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud stated there is a need to send tablighi [preaching] delegations to the European countries to propagate Islam. […] He said that amongst those who met with him in London, many were in favour of the [Islamic teachings of] purdah and polygamy. He also advised raising funds for sending tablighi delegations to foreign countries.”
Roznama Pasbaan of Dhaka wrote on 24 September 1955:

“While speaking at a gathering in Karachi, the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Community, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, said there are many opportunities for propagating Islam in Europe, particularly in Germany, where the people desire to learn a lot about Islam. He further said that those people are continuing to come closer to Islam, since they have an eagerness and quest for searching the truth, and it is only Islam which can satisfy them. Therefore, this is the time to show them the true and correct pathway towards Islam.” 

اِک ‬وقت‭ ‬آئے‭ ‬گا‭ ‬كہ‭ ‬كہيں‭ ‬گے‭ ‬تمام‭ ‬لوگ

ملّت‭ ‬كے‭ ‬اس‭ ‬فدائی ‬پہ‭ ‬رحمت‭ ‬خدا‭ ‬كرے

“The time will come when everyone will say, ‘May God have mercy on this devotee of the nation.’”


Why previous prophets were called ‘Muslims’ in the Holy Quran: Hazrat Musleh-e-Maud’s address at a reception in Karachi, 1953

On 30 August 1953, Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Karachi organised a reception in honour of Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, al-Musleh-e-Maudra, at the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. The reception was also attended by various non-Ahmadi dignitaries.

Huzoorra delivered the keynote address, titled “Haqiqi Islam” – True Islam.

In the beginning, Huzoorra said that though Islam was the name of the religion brought by the Holy Prophet Muhammadsa and his followers were called Muslims, the Holy Quran also mentioned the other prophets and their followers as ‘Muslims’:

“The fact that the Holy Quran has called them Muslims indicates there are two meanings of Islam; firstly, every follower of the Holy Prophetsa is a Muslim and secondly, everyone who exhibits submission and obedience is also a Muslim. Therefore, in light of the latter meaning of the word Muslim, anyone who obeyed and submitted to Adamas, Noahas, Abrahamas, Mosesas, and Jesusas was, in fact, a Muslim.” (Daily al-Musleh of Karachi, 1 September 1953, p. 1)

Huzoorra said:

“We are Muslims because the followers of the Holy Prophetsa have been granted the title of Muslims; at the same time, we are Muslims concerning the spirit of obedience and submission as well, which has always been a distinctive feature of the followers of every prophet. […]

“The title of Muslims – which has been granted to us by God Almighty – demands from us that we inculcate within ourselves those attributes that suit this title. This title indicates that God will surely grant great ranks to the followers of Muhammadsa, provided they strive to stay firm on high levels of obedience and submission to leap forward and attain religious and worldly progress.

“Therefore, the true meaning of Islam is that one should instil the spirit of submission and obedience to Allah the Almighty’s commandments in such a manner that it becomes impossible for them to take even a single step against His Will. May we not merely be called Muslims by name, rather our actions and character should testify to the fact that we are deserving of this title, and may each of our steps and actions become befitting of this.” (Ibid)

Huzoorra continued:

“God Almighty wanted to establish such an ummah in this world through the Holy Prophetsa, which was to bear a name that also reflected its qualities and whose actions and character aptly suited its title of ‘Muslim’. For this reason, He also provided the means for spiritual progress to this ummah, which was never granted to any ummah in the past. Therefore, in addition to granting the most perfect sharia [the Holy Quran], God Almighty also created means for its protection and to make its teachings everlasting.” (Ibid)

Huzoorra said that Allah the Almighty had fulfilled His promise to protect the Holy Quran in an amazing manner:

“There is no doubt there are some Muslims who wrongly believe in the abrogation of a few verses, however, there is not a single sect of the Muslims who believe that – God forbid – some verses of the Holy Quran had been included later. Moreover, there is a consensus that the Holy Quran has remained the same from beginning to end, as it was revealed to the Holy Prophetsa.” (Ibid, p. 8)

Huzoorra continued:

“The true meaning of Islam is for us to pledge that our pleasure will always be in acting upon the commandments of Allah the Almighty, and we will make the Holy Quran our constitution for life to attain His love and pleasure. […] The true recipient of the title ‘Muslim’ will be the one who proves themselves eligible for this title by moulding their actions according to [the teachings of] Islam.

“For this very reason, we see that the Holy Quran has called the jamaats of Abrahamas, Noahas, Mosesas, and Jesusas ‘Muslims’, though they neither had the Quran with them nor had the Holy Prophetsa appeared. It means that true Islam means the spirit of obedience and submission.

“Once we inculcate within ourselves this spirit, we will become Muslims in the eyes of Allah the Almighty as well, and this was the distinction that was present amongst the companionsra of the Holy Prophetsa in its true essence. Since they had never bowed down to anyone except God and had devoted themselves to Him alone, every power in the world was worthless in their eyes. Therefore, this very spirit and passion are true Islam. […] Islam is the name of that spirit and passion which enters one into the Kingdom of God and saves them from the slavery of every other being.

“If this is not the case, then how can the followers of Abrahamas be called Muslims, and similarly, how can the sincere followers of Mosesas and Jesusas be called Muslims? Therefore, in reality, the attainment of the title ‘Muslim’ depends on us becoming the true servants of God.

“Once a community inculcates this passion within themselves, no power of the world can ever defeat them, since anyone who tries to defeat such a community, in fact, attempts to defeat God [God forbid], and this is an act which is equivalent to causing self-destruction.” (Ibid)

After narrating the faith-inspiring incidents of the Holy Prophet’ssa companionsra, which exhibited their devotion to God Almighty, Huzoorra said:

“No doubt, God has granted you the title of Muslims, however, this in itself is not an achievement for you since the true achievement is for you to become a true Muslims concerning your actions and character by instilling within yourselves the true [teachings of] Islam. […]

“Once a person inculcates the true Islam within their heart […] they attain such a high rank of certainty that even if they are cut into pieces, they will never let the impression of God’s love efface from their hearts. Therefore, the real objective is to adopt [the teachings of] Islam.” (Ibid)
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