After Farid Responds’ video, Ahmadi employee’s like Razi ullah Noman and others have made videos wherein they accuse prophets of Allah (as) of misunderstanding revelations of Allah. They only do this to save MGA and his all of his failed prophecies. Nevertheless, in their responses, they alleged that Nuh (as) misunderstood about his son. Razi ullah Noman alleges that Allah promised Nuh (as) that his son (family) would survive, however, there is no such promise. We have found this argument in their 5-volume official commentary by Malik Ghulam Farid (see 11:47 and 11:48).

In reality, Nuh (as) didn’t misunderstand, Allah had told him that anyone who got on his Ark would be saved. Nuh (as)’s son didn’t get on the Ark and thus, there was no promise to save him (see Suyuti), see Ibn Kathir also. Farid responds explained it here also.

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