Mirza Masroor Ahmad has given new details about the shooting of 9 #Ahmadis in Burkina Faso in his Friday sermon of 1-20-23 (he told man lies also). Mirza Masroor Ahmad confessed that there was a village in Burkina Faso wherein gold was found under the ground. Gold is overwhelming the #1 export from Burkina Faso, and being managed by the French and their corporations. In fact, 7 billion worth of Gold was extracted from Burkina Faso in 2020 alone. This is more than all other exports combined, a rare feat, in fact, they are #1 in Africa in terms of gold exports. Furthermore, this is in a rebel controlled area and thus lawless.

Based on Masroor’s sermon and other facts, we can establish that the French government found gold via their corporations in Burkina Faso and then forced a village of Muslims to move (the Swiss government is also involved). They seem to have then hired Humanity First (and the International Association of Ahmadiyya Architects and Engineers) to help with the move and political instability via their partnership. The locals of this village caught wind of it and a group of them joined #Ahmadiyya without reading any books. Humanity First then planned and built the entire village and added a small Ahmadiyya temple. The local Muslims heard of all this and were enraged, which led to the shooting. Again, the people of Burkina Faso are being persecuted by the French and Swiss governments and are thus rebelling. The Ahmadiyya Movement is again on the side of the colonizer and some ex-Muslims who had joined them were executed. These 9 ex-Muslims were victims of the Ahmadiyya Movement, Allah will judge them accordingly.


“””The day after I landed in Ouagadougou, I was enabled to join the Amīr and a brother
from the UK, Shafqat Sahib, who installed a Solar System in a small village named
Mahdīābād. This is an all Aḥmadī village, some 30-40 miles from the Niger border or in the Sahel region of the desert. It is literally “a far corner of the earth.” Yet, these Aḥmadī
villagers have a rudimentary light system run by solar power and a water tower (donated by
UK Jamā’at) and they are able to watch MTA via their Solar powered electrical system.
This village was situated a few miles further north, but gold was discovered in their village
and the Canadian mining company built them new concrete houses when the village was relocated.”””
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