As we all know, from 1901 to roughly 1922 Ahmadis believed MGA=Muhammad (saw)(astagfarullah). In 1915, Maulvi Rajecki made the argument that it was disrespectful to simply call MGA as an “Ummati-Nabi”. Maulvi Rajecki argued that it was like calling Muhammad (Saw) an “Ummati-Nabi”. He went on to argue that MGA=Muhammad (saw)(astagfarullah).

Roughly 60 years later, and during the 1974 NA hearings, Mirza Nasir Ahmad was questioned about this quotation from 1915. He lied and said that this doesn’t exist in any edition and will never be found.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Here is the official scan of the portion quoted from al Fazl June 29, 1915, p. 7:

“Masih Mawood ko Ahmad Nabi ullah tasleem na karna aur aap ko ummati qarar dena ummi groh samajhna goya aan Hazrat jo syed ul mursaleen aur khatam an nabiyeen hain Ummati qarar dena hai. Ummati mein dakhil karna hai jo kufr e azeem aur kufr dar kufr hai.”


“To not accept the promised messiah as Ahmad Nabi ullah and to call You (MGA) an Ummati is seen as an illiterate group. Moreover, it is (the equivalent of) calling his holiness (the prophet Muhammad PBUH) an Ummati who was the seal of messengers and seal of prophets. To add into an Ummati is the greatest kufr and kufr upon kufr!”


_______________________________________________________________________________________________The title says:

“Akhiri zamanay mein ek Rasul ka maboos hona zahir hotha hai aur wo masih mawood hai.”





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