Ahmadiyya sources are reporting that Ahmadi’s have been killed in Burkini Faso. Ahmadiyya sources are blaming Muslims, however, there is no police investigation posted anywayere. This seems like a robbery in my honest opinion, just like the story of Tallay Shah. This murder happened in Mehdi Abad, a village built by the Ahmadiyya community in 2008, near the northern town of Dori. There are barely 1000 Ahmadi’s in all of Burkina Faso, there is also an eye clinic.

Ouagadougou: Nine people were killed when suspected jihadists attacked a mosque in northeastern Burkina Faso, local sources said on Thursday.

The attack happened at around nightfall on Wednesday in the village of Goulgountou in Burkina’s Sahel region, when assailants arrived on motorbikes and herded worshippers inside the mosque, a witness said.

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