In 1906-1908, and via BA-5 (see page 404), MGA and his team of writers told the world that if Allah isn’t speaking to Muslims anymore, and prophethood has in fact totally ended with Muhammad (saw), then this type of religion is satanic (asatagfarullah). However, as we know, in 2023, 1.5 billion Muslims believe that there is no more revelation in Islam. In 1902,

The quote
BA-5 (see page 404)

“”That religion does not deserve to be called a religion nor is that Prophet worthy of being called a Prophet, whose followers cannot attain such nearness to God Almighty as to be honoured with His converse. Accursed and detestable is the religion that teaches that human progress depends only on a few narrated things, that all revelation is a matter of the past and there can be no further revelation, and that hearing the voice of the Ever-Living and All-Powerful God is to be wholly despaired of. And that even when such a voice from the unseen reaches someone’s ears, it remains dubious and it cannot be said with certainty whether it comes from the Gracious God or from Satan. A religion such as this would more properly merit being labelled ‘satanic’ rather than ‘godly’.”””

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