Our ex-Ahmadi arab brother Ikrima Najami is reporting that an ex-Ahmadi Syrian brother has written about the fraud of Humanity First, and specifically in Syria and Turkey.


A brave Syrian brother called Amin Al-Haji wrote a post recently in it:
A message to #HumanityFirst

I’ve been avoiding writing on here for a long time or the amount of lying I’ve seen from this no share organization. But the magnitude of the disaster that inflicted upon my Syrian brothers forces me to come out of my silence.

May we ask you saints how many donations you have collected in the name of #Earthquake? And where did you spend it?

Does the amount of Turkish Lira ($500) and the used tent patch and blankets that you brought from others and gave to the Syrians make you feel better before yourselves and before God, whom you will stand before one day? Aren’t you ashamed of this help? I dont think so
If you are really Muslims, and you really care about humanity, and I doubt that, and you do not want to take a stand that is ashamed of, so why don’t you start filling out travel forms for the forty-fifty immigrant families and those who have been hit with disaster upon disaster, and you know that Canada and Germany have found #immigration programs now especially for disaster #earthquake from Syrians.

End: I know that my voice will only reach you through drummers and hypocrites who gasp at your door to gain some interests to add to my red file you have another file that I’m troublesome but this is my last concern, I appeal to you to be honest for once and be the disaster of this humanity that happened move you something You are called by your name.
#Humanity_first ” here is his post.

As for me, I say :
Is it time for you, Ahmadi people, to wake up from your swearing and see the truth of this fraudulent group?

Al-Ahmadiya Group is a beneficial exploitative group that collects donations from the poor from its followers and offers them to the beneficiaries of its elders?
This group is riding the wave and only cares about parading in the squares!
If they offer a “blanket” to someone in need, take a picture with it and post pictures
And if they offer water to a disaster, take a picture with it and post the pictures
All their concern is for show unfortunately… And they don’t actually work for God’s sake
I suggest that Al-Ahmadis change the name of their organization – if they want to be honest – by making it “accountable” organization first

All Syrian Ahmadiis who have tasted the woes of wars and evacuation know what I am talking about, those who are based on this organization … From the direct beneficiaries of the group’s resources that were offered to them in Turkey, the accountability in it “hit its rope”, the brothers of the wife of the person in charge on the file – and for the information they are not Ahmadis – their residences were arranged on the bail of the Ahmadiyya group in Canada, while the subordinates in Turkey are waiting for travel relief …. Unfortunately they are still chasing mirage
I wonder, why they are not presenting the accounts of this group and organization with transparency as required by law?

And will they answer the brother Amin who is in pain in the situation of the exiled Syrians to his directive questions?

I wonder, will his post remain to reach the world and congregation, or will they force him to delete it as they did before? And will he be held accountable for speaking out his opinion of this organization? Will he be expelled from the Ahmadiya community for this?
We ask God to open the minds and hearts of the rest of the Arab Ahmadi people to know the truth about this oppressive group, and to help you to overcome the falsehood of Ahmadi.
I swear to God who is behind the intention

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