Our Muslim brother recently Smile2jannah recently released a video wherein he analyzed the quranic recitation of the Qadiani-Khalifa (CEO), Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Check out my instagram live session with Smile2jannah from a few years ago. Checkout Smile2jannah’s previous work on Mirza Masroor’s tajweed herein, in fact, he has openly admitted to not being able to properly read arabic. Even MGA couldn’t pronounce the AIN properly.

Nevertheless, Smile2jannah points out Mirza Masroor Ahmad consistently mispronounces the AIN and replaces it with an alif, which changes verses of the quran in meaning. Smile2jannah points out how Mirza Masroor Ahmad wasn’t reading Chapter 111 off of memory, NO, he was reading from an assortment of papers and still struggling, obviously, he never memorized this small verse of the Quran. Smile2jannah pointed out 9 small errors and one big error! Thus, the Qadiani-Khalifa makes 10 errors with a small chapter of the Quran. Check out the clip on tik tok too.

The fanatical Ahmadi mullah-employee Razi has responded to this and claims that mistakes are valid, however, that’s only when reading off of memory, not from the quran or speech material. Furthermore, Mirza Masroor Ahmad is never corrected during prayers when he makes mistakes, Ahmadi’s would never dare to do so.

Khurram Shah disproves Ahmadiyya persecution every time he opens his mouth. Instead of being a man and discussing Ahmadiyya with #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog, he immediately went to adhomenin attacks. Khurram tried to brag and alleged that he knows the Quran and non-Ahmadi’s don’t. However, in his overconfident stuper, he made a video wherein he showed that he wasn’t taught the proper arabic alphabet, and whomever taught him, they taught his the urdu alphabet. In the same time frame, he struggled read the Quran on a livestream wherein he was totally humiliated by Kashif Shahzada. Damon Stengel was supposed to have a debate with Kashif and he did a runner, since he lacks basic islamic knowledge.

Further, as Khurram continued with these adhomenin attacks, we began to analyze his Khalifa’s pronunciation of Surah Fatiha. We realized that his Khalifa can’t pronounce the AIN and thus changes Surah Fatiha every time he attempts to read it. Smile2jannah did his expose’ soon thereafter.

We have already proven that the current Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad makes 20+ mistakes every time he tries to lead the prayers for qadiani’s. We have found a video from Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the early 1990’s, in this video (its on tik tok), Mirza Tahir Ahmad pronounces the AIN as a ALIF and thus changes the very first line of Surah Fatiha. See here also. When this error occurs, they make Allah as the “lord of all the alims”, in other words the lord of all the teachers. However, when properly pronounced with the AIN, it reads as “lord of all the worlds”.

Obviously, the Mirza family has never been taught Quran by anyone. They seem to learn from each other, in fact, MGA read the Quran the same way, with the same errors. Our friends at Aaqa Ka Ghulam have also made a video about this herein.

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