Khurram Shah disproves Ahmadiyya persecution every time he opens his mouth. Instead of being a man and discussing Ahmadiyya with #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog, he immediately went to adhomenin attacks. Khurram tried to brag and alleged that he knows the Quran and non-Ahmadi’s don’t. However, in his overconfident stuper, he made a video wherein he showed that he wasn’t taught the proper arabic alphabet, and whomever taught him, they taught his the urdu alphabet. In the same time frame, he struggled read the Quran on a livestream wherein he was totally humiliated by Kashif Shahzada. Damon Stengel was supposed to have a debate with Kashif and he did a runner, since he lacks basic islamic knowledge.

Further, as Khurram continued with these adhomenin attacks, we began to analyze his Khalifa’s pronunciation of Surah Fatiha. We realized that his Khalifa can’t pronounce the AIN and thus changes Surah Fatiha every time he attempts to read it. Smile2jannah did his expose’ soon thereafter.

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