In the past few weeks, we have seen lots of activity at Speakers corner in the UK and Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. br siraj recently straightened out a Qadiani-Ahmadi, see it herein. We aren’t sure who this Qadiani-Ahmadi is, however, its obvious he can’t fluently read Quranic Arabic, nor has he ever double checked Qadiani arguments. A few days ago, he was approached by another Sunni Muslims (Dawah wise youtube channel) and exposed for not knowing even the basics of Islam. They also spoke about the Qadiani-Ahmadi belief that Eisa (as) died in India (see here on tik tok).

There is another Qadiani-Ahmadi out there named Khalid Safir, he is also unknown, nor do we know his education level, he isn’t a Qadiani murrabi, those guys aren’t allowed to engage in public debates as such. Khalid recently bumped into a Muslim woman who schooled him on 4:69.

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