In this video, Mirza Masroor totally contradicts Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as he dismisses dreams as being 90% made up and says that Muslims see a lot of prophets in dreams only because they read their stories in the Quran and that they see the prophet Muhammad SAW in dreams telling them that MGA is false. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had argued endlessly that dreams and visions will continue on earth until the day of judgement, in fact, in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya (vol’s 1–4), MGA argued that islam was superior to all other religions because Allah still spoke to Muslims. In another video, Masroor admits that he never saw a dream about his mission as a khalifa neither before khilafat or after. Mirza Masroor Ahmad even argues that sometimes based on what you eat, you might get dreams.

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