MGA received a revelation back in 1883, which was published in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4 of 1884 (See page 401, online english edition)(its posted in the below). In this revelation MGA was prefacing his claim of bringing back the Quran after it left Earth. In 1883, MGA didn’t clarify as to whose “mouth” this was, he waited 24 years to clarify, and even then he lied (see the Al-Badr ref in the below for 1907). In 1902, via “A Gift for An-Nadwah”, MGA said the same thing again (See page 15, online english edition).

This is part of MGA’s claim of God which he kept denying and masking and is a rip off of the Bahai’s. Nevertheless, in 1907, MGA was claiming that this wasn’t his mouth, but the mouth of Allah, which proves that MGA believed that his God had body parts. In the ROR of Jan-1942, MGA’s revelations are discussed, from BA-3.
The revelation from 1883
Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4 of 1884, see page 401, online english edition

“””After these revelations, a few revelations in Persian, Urdu, and one in English were revealed. They are written below for the benefit of seekers. They are:

ں برمنار بلند تر محکم افتاد۔ 􀋄 ر ی د س و پائے محمد یا 􀗏 بخرام کہ وقت تو نزد ی

“””Now come forward and go forth, as your time is near. The time is now coming that the people of Muhammad will be lifted from the pit and their steps will be planted firmly on a strong tower.””

The holy Muhammad, the Chosen one, Chief of the Prophets. God will set all your affairs aright and will bestow upon you all that you desire. The Lord of hosts will turn His attention towards this. The purpose of this Sign is that the Holy Quran is the Book of God and is the words of My
mouth. The gate of the Exalted God’s bounties is open and His holy mercies are directed towards this.

[English] The days shall come when God shall help you. Glory be to this Lord God, Maker of earth and heaven.

The scan work

A Gift for An-Nadwah”, MGA said the same thing again (See page 15, online english edition)

“””As I have stated numerous times before, the words I speak most certainly emanate from God, in the same way that the Holy Quran and the Torah emanated from Him. I am a Prophet of God in a Zilli and Buruzi sense. All Muslims are obligated to obey me in matters of religion and to accept me as the Promised Messiah. Those who have received my message but do not accept me as their arbiter or as the Promised Messiah nor believe in the Divine origins of my revelation will be accountable for this in the heavens even if they are Muslims. For they have rejected that which they should have accepted at its proper time.”””
Badr, vol. 6, no. 28, 11 July 1907, p. 6

The Promised Messiah as was asked who is the subject indicated by the word
ی ر مے [My] in the revelation: ی ۔ ت 􀊓 قرآن خدا کا کلام اور ی ر مے مونہہ

[The Holy Quran is the Book of God and is the word of My mouth] i.e., whose mouth is referred
to. He said It means the words of Allah’s mouth. Allah the Almighty has said:

‘The words of My mouth.’ There are instances in the Holy Quran where different pronouns are used for the same subjects.
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