So I dived into the Jamaat’s financials today and have to admit that I have more questions than answers.

Firstly, to understand the Jamaat, you have to see it as different charity-companies. Firstly, you have the umbrella charity which is the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). Its Annual Statements can be seen here. This charity is financed by its sub-charities, such as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK (AMA UK). In example, in 2021, AMA UK had an income of around £26m (see here). Around £10m of its income, representing around 40%, went to AMJI. Thus, AMJI gets financed by its sub-charities such as the UK, Germany, the US etc.

AMJI most recent annual report is from 2021. The annual statement shows that AMJI had an income of around £51m. If you take a look at its balance sheet that explains how the money is used (i.e., properties, cash etc.) you will see that nearly half of its assets are held in cash (£ 31m) and the other half is given to the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation (MSA) (£35m) as debt.

You can then take a look into MSA’s annual reports to understand how the money was used. In fact, it manages around £44m worth of assets. Most of its assets are properties as explained by the annual report, including the Mubarak Mosque constructed in Islamabad. In addition, it has some income as form of donations (£1.4m) and trading activities (£394 k), that arise from rent receivables. It is, however, fair to say that most of its assets are bought using the money received from AMJI.

All these points look a bit complicated and come with new questions such as who actually controls these entities? why is the Mubarak Mosque managed by MSA? However, answering those questions seems impossible since those informations are not covered by the annual report and hence would be merely speculation.

One of my main problem out of many problems described in these reports arises with the following quote found in MSA’s annual report of 2021: “On 1st January 2022 a 99 year lease for the Islamabad property was granted to AMJ International for the sum of £33 million. This amount was offset against the social investment liability, reducing the balance to £1.5million”. According to my understanding that would mean that the Islamabad project has a value of around £34.5m because MSA would not lease the property over value which would mean that they would be getting more money than they should and hence ‘ripping off’ AMJI. However, in case MSA is leasing the property under value then the value of the property is even higher, even further proving my next point. I would hence assume that they are leasing it using a fair value.

With that information in mind consider that the main goal described in the annual report of the main head of the Jamaat, namely AMJI is explicitly described as the advancement of Islam-Ahmadiyya. As explained, AMJI owns around £66m in total assets (incl. the debt to MSA). Now, compare it to the £34.5m which is Islamabad valued at. How is more than half of the money of AMJI used to finance Islamabad?

The worth of AMA UK’s assets was reported to be in total of around £76m in 2021. How can anyone justify that the property in Islamabad has a value of around 45% of what is needed to run the whole operation in the UK, one if not the wealthiest Jamaat in the world?

We hear so many stories of people sacrificing everything to donate in the cause of this community. For what? How can KM5 be okay with people hungering, as he explained in many of his Friday sermons, if the financial focus of the Jamaat seems to be clearly Islamabad?

I am honestly shocked that the whole community misses its goal, judging by its financials. I would welcome everyone to fact check me and look for themselves.

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