Qanta Shah is my mother’s -only sister’s daughter (#2 of 10 children). I emailed her and many other Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and she abruptly called me (in Spring of 2023). I was surprised that she had my number and etc. Nevertheless, when she called me, I was surprised and asked her if she was good. She behaved erratically and started saying non-sensical things like “our family is the worst”. I then asked her if she had in-fact committed adultery and had a child out of wedlock. She immediately agreed and said “so-what?”, she even said, “Khurram knows”. Ironically, I already knew all of this. This adultery happened in 2003, in -fact, Qanta’s elder sister was a runaway from home. Qanta grew up in the I-10 colony, which is just off of GT road and close to the boarder of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. I went to her house in 2003 and 2004 and walked around for hours and saw and heard of stories of girlfriends and opium. She also kept screaming that she won the lottery and everyone was mad. In other words, she was saying out loud her marriage to Khurram Shah was like winning the lottery, and she thus went around and lived like a queen. She was easily able to convince Khurram to steal his father’s small business with no remorse. Qanta Shah comes from the silly desi mindset wherein they steal from their own family and compete as such.

Nevertheless, as soon as she hung up, I started getting calls from Insurance companies wherein they asked me if I entered my phone number online and etc., I immediately got 10-20 of these phone calls from multiple sources and thus, I solved the issue of who is harassing me. She is also the person who told Khurram Shah that he could never call peace with me or any of his siblings.

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