At the recent #JalsaUSA, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad accused #Ahmadis of faking their asylum cases. He said some of these Pakistani-Ahmadi’s who come to the USA claimed that they could not say the Kalima in Pakistan, however, they came to the USA and then forgot the Kalima altogether. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad said that Pakistani-Ahmadi’s told the United Nations and other asylum organizations that they weren’t able to be a Muslim in Pakistan, however, they came to the USA and forgot their religion altogether. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad was referring to a downturn in chanda collection and the empty Qadiani-Ahmadi temples in the USA, Canada, the UK and Germany. In reality, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad was complaining about #Ahmadis again, last time he accused #Ahmadis of drinking alcohol and marrying outside of Ahmadiyya, in 2019, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad had been very aggressive in his approach to Ahmadi’s in the USA, he accused young Ahmadi’s in America as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. There is more also. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad explains how young Ahmadi’s in America are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate. This story is also on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. Watch a condensed version in this tik tok.

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