Let’s visualize it:

This is the United Center in Chicago. This is what it looks like at full capacity, which is about 20000 people.

Look at the basketball court for reference:

The o2 Arena in London holds 20000 people:

In 2011, Jama’at Canada attempted to beat the Guinness Record for most people inside a smiley. There are about 3000 people inside this smiley:

Now, let’s look at today’s International Bait. The International Bait is the biggest event of Jalsa UK. So, no one who is attending Jalsa UK would want to miss it. In fact, no one can miss it. Time stops when the International Bait takes place.

If we look at the men’s marquee, we should be able to see 20000. I have provided timestamps of every angle, so we can determine if there is 20000 in the men’s marquee. And, we’ll just assume the same is true for the women’s side.

If we are able to determine 20000, then we can say that they do not count a three-day total, but instead give you a total of individuals who attended over the three days.

This is the video from today International Bait:

This is an aeriel view of the marquee:

This is outside of the marquee:

This is the front of the marquee:

This is the back of the marquee:

This a good view of the whole marquee:

I cannot determine 20000 in the men’s marquee. If we use the United Center and the other pictures as a reference, I would say it looks like a third to a half of 20000.

In my opinion, it looks like they add up every single day’s attendance and give you a grand total. Meaning, if someone attended all three days, then they count that as 3.

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