Razi has been raging about my appearance on the Dawah Wise youtube channel. Below are his tweets wherein he says I am non-Muslim, and remember, Ahmadi’s claim persecution on the same topic, i.e., being declared as non-Muslim.

Further, I asked Adnan about his comments on “Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya”, he has created a clip on his twitter channel herein. A longer clip can be found herein on Adnan Rashid’s youtube channel.

Additional tweets and screenshots

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Razi on Twitter: “So a so called ex-Ahmadi who mocks Hadrat Aisha (ra) and the Islamic teachings went on @DawahWise to tell Adnan Rashid that Barahine Ahmadiyya was not a good book Adnan Rashid exposes him badly and shows how ignorant this person is Not only this, @MrAdnanRashid should fear…” / X

#Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog was on #Dawahwise with Adnan Rashid clarifying a few things – ahmadiyyafactcheckblog

Adnan Rashid on Twitter: “Did Adnan Rashid praise Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani or his book? If this is praise then what is condemnation? Ahmadis are abusing brutally cut clips to claim Adnan Rashid praised their false prophet. Here is the “praise”.” / X


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