A few days ago, Adnan Rashid and #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog had a discussion on his recent debate with Ibrahim Noonan. This was on the #dawahwise youtube channel, after #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog left, an unknown Qadiani-Ahmadi showed up and began squirming in front of Adnan Rashid and jumping around like a kangaroo when he was cornered to affirm that MGA called his Muslim deniers as “children of prostitutes” (Zurrayatal Baghaya).

Today, the Ahmadiyya Movement in the UK admitted that it was Maulvi Raheel Ahmad, on twitter as @maula_bas. He seems to be a recent graduate of Jamia. We had bumped into him many years ago, see herein. Maula bas=Good is enough, this was a fake revelation of MGA that Ahmadi’s wear on a ring, sometimes a wedding ring. 


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