MGA had many beefs with many people of India.  This is a lesser known beef.  Nonetheless, this seems to be the occasion wherein MGA and his team used a curse word for his opponent.  MGA was spiraling out of control, he barely had 300 followers and was cursing the world for not accepting him.

Mirza Bashir Ahmad tells us:
Seeratul Mehdi, page 31 part 1.

(42) stated to me by shaikh Abdurehman misri that once Hazrat sb (MGAQ) kept sitting after zuhur prayer in masjid of qadiyan. Few days ago hazrat sb has written that Saadullah will remain without progeny. His son that is alive today , is impotent, will surely not be able to take his name ahead. This humble self says that saadullah was worst enemy of hazrat sb and used to talk bad against him. But before publishing this ” ishtihar” molvi Muhammad Ali advised hazrat sb that publishing such ishtihar would be against law . He said if Saadullah filed a suit in the court we would not be in a position to prove impotency of his son. Hazrat sb did not agree, when molvi Muhammad Ali insisted on his advise , hazrat sb,s face turned red he got infuriated and said “when a prophet gets himself armed and comes to battle field, he does not disarm him”.


In Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s biography on his father, he tells us many secrets that would have been otherwise lost.  This is another case of that.  MGA was in the habit of threatening people and their respective families, MGA is sick and twisted and this is the proof.  He was spiteful and always held a grudge and wanted his enemies to die violently so that he could gloat and say, “I told you so”.  What is also interesting here is the fact that Muhammad Ali, who would later go on to accuse MGA of misappropriation of funds and then walk out of Qadian under duress, he was advising MGA in terms of legality of death threats, which MGA had been ordered to stop by the British govt. in 1899.  Further, MGA calls Saadullah as “ibn Bagha” which is an inference to the insult he gave 4-5 years earlier, which is as follows:

“Every Muslim will accept me and will confirm my claim except the zurrayatul baghaya whose hearts will have been sealed up by God Almighty.” (Aina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)

Anjam e Athim, 1897
MGA wrote some poetry in this book vs. Saadullah.  It is as follows:

“”””You have persecuted me out of your vileness and now if you do not die in disgrace, 0 wicked one ibn bagha I will not have been proved truthful in my claim.””””(anjam e athim, 1897)(Taken from, middle of the webpage, retrieved on 11-9-16)

MGA was a spiteful and manipulative human.  No wonder his off-spring went on to continue the “family-fraud”.  He cursed his opponents, made false promises about sons being born or not being born and etc etc etc.