Adnan Rashid released the second part of the video he had released earlier. Razi also responded to the videos. I have added this to the thread I had made earlier.

The second part of the video released by Adnan Rashid shows that Adnan Rashid knew what he was talking about. Razi in his response basically confirmed what Adnan Rashid was saying was true. In this second part of the video, even Ibrahim Noonan confirms that what Adnan Rashid was saying is true.

However, in the title of Razi’s video, Razi seems very upset that Adnan Rashid has supposedly lied, or makes it appear that Adnan Rashid has lied. But, in his explanation, in his own video, Razi accepts that the foul language was used by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, except, with a caveat, that it was justified. Why? Because the opponents of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad brought it upon themselves. I mean how much more sands of deception is this guy going to throw in people’s eyes?

Razi further states that such language has been used in the Quran, that the Prophet had permitted the usage of such language, and that Abu Bakr had used such language, that the Sunni imam Imam Abu Hanifa had used such language, that Rumi had used language. In some cases, Razi applies some mental gymnastics and twists the meaning to soften the blow.

In his video response, all Razi has done is agreed that Adnan was not lying…but not directly saying it as it is, as that would cause consternation among the sheep. Second, Razi has used some next level mental gymnastics to justify the language. And, thirdly, Razi is addressing the Sunnis and telling them that they should be okay with such language, because it is allowed by Shariah. I mean, come on! This proves Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is guilty as charged. Regardless of how you justify it. So, why make a video bashing Adnan Rashid, and accusing him of lying?

It makes you wonder as to why Ahmadis questioned people for leaving the Jama’at; why they question people for leaving religion altogether. Worst of all, Ahmadis get offended when such language is used on them.

I am baffled and dumbfounded at the low level that Razi stoops to to defend the Jama’at. Razi is basically looking at everyone straight in the eyes and saying, “So, what is the problem? It’s all about context!” Yes, the famous context fallacy!

Okay, I will give Ahmadis that it is about context! Sure. But, that still does not take away from the fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was using such filthy language.

Razi justifying that Muhammad allowed such language shows that Muhammad was not the best example for everyone. In fact, the exact opposite. And, when you delve deep into his life, you will see more of what is not becoming of good human conduct.



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