Ahmadi’s lie about everything, in this specific case, we have references from the al-Hakam magazine, dated, May 28, 1908 (Via Alfred Mall’s dissertation of 1976) which prove that MGA’s heart stopped at 3am after a huge bowel movement. Ahmadi’s lie and claim that MGA died at 10am. This reference proves conclusively that MGA died of cholera. MGA’s final words were to his father-in-law and he said, “Meer sahib, I have contracted seasonal cholera”. 

“”Brethren, you are aware that Hazrat Masih Mawud suffered from bowel movements over a
period of time. Their effect was increased by overindulgence in mental exercise…. Between two and three o’clock in the morning, Mirza Sahib had a bowel movement which caused his heart to stop functioning… We continued applying medical procedures but failed to revive the heartbeat…””” [al-Hakam magazine, dated, May 28, 1908 (Via Alfred Mall’s dissertation of 1976)].

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