Ahmadi’s are editing the books of MGA all the time. They even edited Seeratul Mahdi from the 1923 edition to the 1935 and subsequently the 2008 edition in terms of MGA’s diarrhea spilling all around his bed. In 1923, Nusrat Jehan reported that MGA did diarrhea next to his bed. When the 2nd edition was published in 1935, this was changed to “I made arrangements next to the bed”. The first report in 1923 gives the reader the impression that MGA did diarrhea all over the floor, and didn’t clean it up, nor did he clean his hands or anything. The mirza family was embarrassed about this. It should also be noted that Dr. Mirza Yaqub Baig reported (in the summer of 1923) that when he arrived on the scene, MGA was being forced to sit on a wooden toilet (chowkee). All the scans are posted in the below. You can also listen to Zia Rasul from the Aaqa Ka Ghulam youtube channel explaining this entire issue herein, at the 24:00 minute time mark). We have shortened Zia Rasul’s testimony and posted it here on tik tok.
1923 edition

Seeratul Mahdi narration 12 from the older edition: Mirza Qadiani did his business next to his bed (see underlined part).


Seeratul_Mahdi_1 1935

2008 edition

In the newer print they tried to clean up (no pun intended) this story and they claimed ‘arrangements were made’ next to his bed.

When the original stated he just went about his business next to his bed because he couldn’t read the toilet.

Seerat ul Mahdi Vol 1 2 3 2008

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