Qadiani-Ahmadi’s always praise Modi and the Indian Government, even after one of their Maulvi’s was slapped around at a book fair. Nevertheless, check out this video and we have archived it on tik tok. One of the Qadiani’s is Dr. Tariq, who is living in Australia and the other is Imtiaz Ahmad Naveed. Both of these Qadiani’s can be seen saying that since Modi is the dictator in India, then everything will work out (Modi hai, to mumkin hai). However, the reality is, Muslims are getting persecuted indiscriminately. Nicholas Evan’s also pointed out how the Hindu RSS come to Qadian and have a great relationship with the Qadiani-Ahmadi‘s. Check out this tik tok, you can see the Qadiani-Ahmadi Ameer of Israel (Sharif Odeh) meeting Modi and thanking him for helping the Ahmadiyya Community in India immensely.

This video is from the Vishwa Sadbhawana event organised at Bunjil Palace, Melbourne in Australia on Sunday, several Pakistani Muslims lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership. They highlighted the PM’s efforts to bring all religions on a common platform for peace in the world. One of the Pakistani Muslims said that PM Modi is working very hard. The event was attended by religious leaders, intellectuals, scholars, preachers and researchers. The Sadbhavana event was organised by Indian Minorities Foundation (IMF), NID Foundation, New Delhi and Namdhari Sikh Society, Melbourne in Australia.

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