Khalid Safir and most Ahmadi’s believe that Maryam was a hermaphrodite. However, African-Ahmadi’s aren’t told all of this. Case in point, see the testimony of Maulvi Adubofour, he was so confused when I asked about the Qadiani belief that Maryam was a hermaphrodite that he immediately denied it, and his buddy, Suleiman Omipidan couldn’t find it on the online page. Nevertheless, as I showed it to them, they denied that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was asserting that Maryam was a hermaphrodite, this is because Maulvi Adubofour (aka Adubofour Ishmael)is a paid employee and he can never oppose this own mullahs.

A few days later, I asked Khalid Safir and he confirmed that the Qadiani-Ahmadi position is that Maryam was a hermaphrodite.

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