In holy Quraan Allah swt says prophets are chosen ones. They are truthful, honest and pure. Allah swt says about our holy prophet Muhammad Sallallaho alaihi wasallam that he is not possessed.

Contrary to above, Mirza says prophets of Allah are similar to old mad woman. Mirza Bashiruddin Mehmood Ahmad writes in Book Tazkar-e-Mahdi at page 147, that:
“Hazrat Masih Maoud (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) used to say that the example of Nabi is like an old lady who is known to be mad and is harassed by naughty boys of the city and she hurls abuses to them and wish them bad in return. The parents of the children admonished them not to tease the old women but the children do not pay any attention. Then the parents decide to confine their children inside the houses, so they may not persecute the poor lady. When after two or three days, no child comes out to tease the old lady, she herself goes door to door of each house and says, where did your child go? Has he been bitten by snake? or suffered from Cholera? or the roof has fallen on him. When the parents saw this they allowed their children to go outside as the mad old lady does not desist from abuses and bad wishes. Masih Maoud (Mirza Ghulam Qadiani) said prophets are like this old mad woman.” (Nauzubillahi min zalik).

Qadianis : do you agree with the definition of Prophet and prophethood as stated by Mirza? Was the prophethood of Mirza like that of a mad old lady?

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