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Friends! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (1839 – 1908 (about 52 years of his age till 1891)) was not only holding the mainstream muslim belief but also his first book
In Brahin Ahmadiyya, he also proved that the real Hazrat Isa (peace be upon him) is coming again from the Qur’anic verses (Mirza himself admitted this on Ijaz Ahmadi, page 19 p. 113.. But at the end of his life, Mirza Qadiani, who presented a very unique and new belief And the theory is summarized as follows:

1 Hazrat Isa, the son of Maryam (peace be upon him), was 33 years and 6 months old when his enemies caught him and put him on the cross along with two thieves on Friday evening. Your body was nailed and injured and you fainted due to pain of injuries and the enemy thought you were dead, when in fact you were still alive.

Rk 17, page 311 / rk 3, page 296 / RK 15, page 20 / rk18, page 396, margin / Rk 15, page 52, etc.)

2) Mirza wrote with reference to Allah, the Almighty, that Allah has stated that although it true That Isa as was dragged/put on cross and it was intended to kill him. Also Mirza wrote that “It is proven from the hadith that after getting rid of the cross, Jesus fled to a cold country, namely Kashmir.

(RK 15 p. 51, Christ in India Ar 15 p. 540, tohfa gaznaviah)

2) You were somehow taken down from the cross, the disciples treated your wounds with Jesus ointment, and then you and your mother left the country of Syria and They reached Kashmir through different regions of afghanistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, etc., and also debated to the people of the Buddhist religion.

Rk 10 Pg 301 rk 14 Pg 191 M Pg 209 212 / Rk15 Pg 70 / Rk19 Pg 65 footnote / Rk 19 Pg 127 rk 21 Pg 262 footnote)

3) Isa as died in Kashmir at the age of 120 years according to one text of Mirza Qadiani and 125 years according to another text written in the same book.

120 years old: RK15 p. 14 ….. 125 years old: Rk 15 p. 55)

4) He is buried in Mahalla Khan Yar of Srinagar city of Kashmir and the grave that is known as “Yuz Asaf” in fact is the grave of Hazrat Isa (peace be upon him).

Rk 14, p. 171 and p. 192, D. 195 and p. 209/ Rk 17, page 100/ Rk 18, page 235/ Rk 15, page 14)

5) the hadiths in which the Nuzool of “Jesus, the son of Mary, peace be upon him” is reported, they do not refer to the real Jesus, but rather to someone in likeness of him, as per the Qur’an and ahadeeth e sahiha have given good news that the likeness of Christ and others in likeness will also come.

(Malfuzaat volume 5 page 554 five volume edition / RK 19 page 18 margin / RK 3 page 314)

6) that (matheel) likness is me Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani bin Chirag Bibi and this is reported in the hadiths, and the Qur’an has named me Ibn Maryam, “I have come in the guise of Christ son of Maryam according to the promise, I am the one.” The promised Messiah, and my God has informed me that the Muhammadan Messiah (i.e. Mirza) is better than the Musawi messiah.

RK 17 p. 413 / Rk20 p. 39-140 / rk18 p. 240 / Rk 17 p. 413 / Rk 19 p. 98 / tadhkirah, p. 209, 148, fourth edition)

7)In the hadiths, it is mentioned that the Dajjal will be killed by the hands of Jesus. This Dajjal means either Christian priests, or Dajjal is the name of Satan, or Dajjal
is the name of a group of miscreants, or Dajjal is the ghost of Christianity, or Dajjal refers to Khanaas(dont know how to translate it),
or Dajjal refers to the nations of Iqbal(don’t know how to translate it)

Rk 3 p. 366 1 rk14 p. 416 417 / Rk 22 p. 45 rk 3 p. 174 / rk3 p. 362 / rk 14 p. 296 / Rk 11 p. 47 etc.)

Hazrat Masih (peace be upon him) had four real brothers and two real sisters.

Rk 19 pg18 footnote


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