Raheel Ahmad came on the stream and alleged that Imtiaz made a huge blunder when he was quoting the word Tuwuffa from MGA and the Quran. Raheel Ahmad claimed that these words had different roots, i.e., Tuwuffa and Tawaffa). However, he realized his mistake and conceded that he was mistaken.

He also misquoted MGA in the Izala Auham reference. MGA made up his rule and didn’t mention sleep (naum) or the Qareena (death). Raheel seems to have invented a rule, MGA never said so. We have no idea why he quoted 39:42, since MGA didn’t defend this glaring contradiction. Raheel also said Surah Zukhruf (Chapter 43) instead of Zumur, he said this 3 times. He said Zumur intitally, maybe he got confused? The Shaikh corrected him.

Raheel totally avoided the questions about Eisa (as) travelling to India

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