This is an Arabic only book of MGA which seems to have published posthumously.  Ahmadis tell us that MGA began writing in 1900 and stopped…it is unclear in terms of who ordered for this books publishing. (see page 295) 

The Quotes

“God, in His majesty, has granted me all favours and loaded me with all the spiritual and worldly wealth. Often a man while counting the favours becomes pensive that he had no son, but I never entertained this sadness, for God in His majesty has granted me sons.” (Lujjatun-Nur, p. 62, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 398)


“My Lord had revealed to me and promised me that He will help me till my message reaches the Easts and Wests of the earth. The oceans of truth will be stirred till the people look with wonder on the bubbles riding upon its waves.” (Lujjatun-Nur, p. 72, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 408)

“God forbids that I should ever insult the gentlemanly and the fair-minded among my opponents, no matter whether they be from among the Muslims, or the Christians or Aryas. Indeed, whenever I used strong expression I have used only for those wicked persons, who are notorious in indulging in abusive language. I always speak well of others and accord them due respect and regard them as friends and brothers.” (Lujjatun-Nur, p. 73, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 409)

The right and the right I say, there is no rhythmic book like the book of our Lord…. But he who is without it, he is not short of blemish and short coming…… So if you find an excerpt from someone like them, you will find words which are like a soft and bright cheek, but you will find another excerpt like a short and snub nose. And if you find for example two balanced rhythmic lines like the ass of a woman, you will find synonymous a man’s ass, its structure broken and moved, and it didn’t remain balanced. (Roohani Khazain vol 16, Lujjat Nur, page 132)

 Lujjat Nur, pp. 37, 38, (as quoted by Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam” (1915))

“If you are sincere in your claim, then show us what excellence you have been gifted with? Have you a staff like that of Moses or the sign of blood for the disobedients or his shining hand to show them or you have been given a miracle like the Quran or granted eloquence like the one bestowed upon the Last of the Prophets. Because such a prophet always follows in the footsteps of the Messenger he follows, therefore, miracles of the Messenger are also vouchsafed to him. That is why spiritual celebrities are unanimous on the point that sainthood (wilayah) is a reflection of prophethood. Thus whatever qualities have been gifted to the prophethood are manifested in his reflection (zill) too, so that the relation of real (asl) and the reflection (zill) is established between them.”


Lujjat Nur, Ibid, p. 40, (as quoted by Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam” (1915))

“It should also be remembered that the (divine) revelation to the auliya (friends) is a shadow of the revelation to prophets just as reflected objects are in mirrors facing each other. Both of them have a common fount and whatever is true for the one is true for the other as well and it is hard to differentiate between them.”