This book is available in english in 2023 for the first time ever (it was published in July of 1893, see Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam” [1915]). This book was published at Munshi Maulvi Ghulam Qadir Fasih’s printing press, which was called the Punjab Press, Sialkot. Before “Tuhfa-e-Baghdad”, MGA and his team of writers had only one book in arabic, it was “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam”. The book is barely 33 pages.

Tuhfa-e-Baghdad was the start of 5 consecutive Arabic books, these were all published after Noorudin moved to Qadian and began living with MGA. These were all published in 1893-1894, back-to-back. “Tuhfa-e-Baghdad” (1893) and was followed by “Karamatus-Sadiqun”, “Hamamatul Bushra”, “Nur ul Haq Part-1 & Part-2″, “Itmamul Hujjah” and “Sirrul-Khilafah” (1894). The next phase of books which had Arabic are Anjam-e-Athim (1897) and Hujjattullah (1897). Najm ul Huda in 1898 (partially in Arabic). In 1899, Haqiqatul Mahdi had small portions of Arabic. Ijazul Masih was published in 1901. Khutbah ilhamiya was published in 1902 along with Al Huda, Ijaz-e-Ahmadi was also published in 1902 and had portions of Arabic. Siratul-Abdal and Mawahibur-Rahman were published in 1903 as well as Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain which had small portions of Arabic. The next book with Arabic in it was 4 years later, via the Arabic supplement of Haqiqatul Wahy. After MGA died, Lujjat un Noor was published in 1910. Al-Balagh Ya Faryad-e-Dard was published in 1922 and Part-2 had arabic in it. Minan ur Rahman was also published in 1922. Thus, MGA had 16 full books in arabic (40 pages or more) and 7 partial or really small books in Arabic, that’s 23 total.

It should be noted that most of MGA’s cussing and bad words appear in his arabic books.

When MGA made his wild claims (1889 –1891), he also claimed to have been accepted in Arabia, Egypt and other arab lands. However, these were all the exaggerations of MGA and his team, they did this in terms of marketing, since no one could verify this support. Nevertheless, we have found a contemporary scholar from Baghdad, Al Syed Abdul Razzaq Qadri , who was staying at Hyderabad Deccan India, he seems to have read the book Aina Kamalat e Islam by MGA, but then gave the book back to its owner. The heretic expressions and false claims of MGA as mentioned in the book made him angry and shocked. In June 1893 he wrote letters to MGA calling him a liar, heretic and liable to be put to death with a sharp sword or killed by burning in the fire, a punishment for heretics. He asked MGA to send him a copy of the book so that he may write a comprehensive reply to what has been stated by MGA in AKI. In response to his letters, MGA did not send the book to him but wrote him a detailed reply comprising mostly of irrelevant personal glorification tall claims and flattery in arabic language. Most parts of arabic text include Quraanic verses and ahadis not having much relevance to the topic. Later on, in 1893 this reply of MGA was published in the shape of a 33 paged book titled as TOHFA E BAGHDAD. In the opening lines Mirza states he would respond to Abdul Razzaq Baghdadi in a civilized manner. However, towards the end of his letter his abusive language overpowered him and he used foul and obnoxious language. This is a short 33 page booklet in Arabic by MGA and his team.

Tuhfa-e-Baghdad, pp. 17-20, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 7, p. 21-23, Via Tadhkirah

“”(Arabic): I shall humiliate him who designs to humiliate you. We shall suffice against your scoffers. O Ahmad, God has blessed you. You did not let loose but it was Allah who let loose so that you should warn a people whose ancestors have not been warned and that the way of the
guilty ones might become manifest. Say: I have been commissioned and I am the first of believers. Proclaim: The truth has arrived and falsehood has vanished, falsehood always vanishes away. Every blessing is from Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, then blessed is he who taught and he who has been taught. Say: If I have invented it, the sin of it is on me. They plan and Allah plans and Allah is the Best of planners. He it is who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth so as to make it prevail over every religion. There is no changing the words of Allah. I am with you so be you with Me wherever you might be. Be with Allah wherever you might be. Whatever direction might face there is the countenance of Allah. You are the best people raised for the good of mankind and a source of pride for the believers. Despair not of the mercy of Allah. Hearken, the mercy of Allah is near. Hearken, the help of Allah is near. It will come to you from every distant track. Allah will help you from Himself. Men will help you whom We shall direct from heaven. There is no changing the words of Allah. Today you are in a position of high standing and trust with Us. They will say: ‘This is all his own invention’. Say: Allah is the Source of all this; and then leave them being beguiled by their sport. And who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah? My mercy is on you in matters of the world as well as of faith. You are of those who are helped.””

Good news to you, O My Ahmad, you are My purpose and with Me. I have planted the tree of your honour with My own hand. Is this a matter for wonder for the people? Say: Allah is Wonderful, He chooses whom He wills from among His creatures. He is not called to account for what He does but they are called to account. These are days that We revolve between the people. When Allah helps a believer He makes many envious of him. Deal kindly with people and have mercy on them. You are among them in the position of Musa [Moses]. Then be steadfast under the oppression of the oppressors. Do people imagine that they should be left alone to say: ‘We have believed’; and that they should not be tried? Here is a trial, then be steadfast as those of high resolve were steadfast. Beware, it is a trial from Allah so that He might love you with a great love. Allah will bestow upon you your full reward and your Lord will be pleased with you and will perfect your name. They only mock you. Say: I am one of the truthful; then wait for My Signs for a while. All praise belongs to Allah, Who has made you the Masih Ibn-e-Maryam [Messiah, son of Mary]. Announce: This is the grace of Allah and I eschew every kind of title. I am one of the Muslims. They desire to put out the light of Allah with the breath of their mouths but Allah will perfect His light and will revive the faith. We intend to send down to you Signs from heaven and to scatter your enemies completely. The command of Allah the Gracious, for the vicegerent of Allah who is invested with authority. Then put your trust in Allah and construct the ark under Our supervision and direction. Those who enter into a covenant with you enter into a covenant with Allah; Allah’s hand is above their hands. There are many groups who have become deserving of punishment. They plan and Allah is the Best of planners. Say: I have with me proof from Allah, then will you believe? Say: I have with me proof from Allah, then will you submit? My Lord is with me, He will show me the way. Lord, show me how You do revive the dead. Lord, forgive and show mercy from heaven. Lord, leave me not alone and You are the Best of heirs. Lord, reform the people of Muhammadsa. Our Lord, judge between us and our people with truth. You are the Best of Judges.
They try to frighten you with others than Him. You are under Our care. I have named you Mutawakkil [the one who trusts in God]. Allah praises you from His Throne. We praise you and send down blessings on you. O Ahmad your name will come to an end but My name will not come to an end. Be in the world as if you are a stranger or a traveller. Be of the righteous and the faithful. I have chosen you and have poured My love over you. Hold fast to Unity, to Unity, O children of Faris [Persia]. Give good tidings to those who have believed that they have a standing of truth with their Lord. Do not turn away from Allah’s creatures and be not tired of people and deal kindly with the Muslims. The Company of the Lounge, and how would know what the Company of the Lounge is? You see their eyes streaming with tears. They call down blessings
on you: Our Lord, we have heard a crier calling to the faith. Our Lord, we have believed, then write us down among the witnesses. Wondrous is your standing and near is your reward. With you are
the hosts of the heavens and of the earth. You are to Me like My Unity and My Uniqueness. The time has come that you should be helped and be recognised among people. Blessed are you, O
Ahmad, and deserving of the blessing that Allah has bestowed on you. You have a high standing in My Presence. I have chosen you for Myself and you have a standing with Me of which people have no notion. Allah would not leave you till He separates the unclean from the clean. Look at Yusuf [Joseph] and his glory. Allah is supreme over His commands, but most people know it not. I
decided to appoint a vicegerent and created Adam so that he might establish the law and revive the faith. The book of [My] friend is the Dhulfaqar [sword] of ‘Ali. If faith had ascended to the Pleiades a man from among Abna-e-Faris [children of Persia] would have brought it down. Its oil would well-nigh glow forth even though no fire were to touch it. The Champion of Allah in the mantle of Messengers. Say: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will then love you. Call down blessings on Muhammad and the people of Muhammad, the Chief of all mankind and the Seal of the Prophets. Allah will have mercy on you and will safeguard you Himself even if men will not safeguard you. Allah will safeguard you Himself even if no one from the dwellers of the earth will safeguard you. Ruined are the two hands of Abu Lahab and ruined is he. It did not behove him to enter into this affair but in fear. Whatever befalls you is from Allah and know that the end is for the righteous. Warn your near relatives. We shall show them a Sign from among our Signs in the matter of the widow and shall return her to you. This has been settled from Our side and We shall certainly do it. They used to reject Our Signs as false and were of the scoffers. Good tidings to you on the marriage. The truth is from your Lord, then be not of the doubters. We have married her to you. There is no changing the words of Allah. We shall return her to you. Your Lord surely accomplishes that which He determines upon. This is grace from Us so that it should be a Sign for the beholders. Two goats will be slaughtered and all that are upon the earth are mortal. We shall show them Our Signs in the universe and in their own selves, and shall show them the punishment of the disobedient. When the help of Allah comes and the victory and the age turns to us, it will be asked: Is this not the truth? Those who have disbelieved are in patent error. I was a hidden treasure and liked to be known. The heavens and the earth were a solid mass and We
split them asunder. Say: I am but a human being, it is revealed to me that your God is One God and that all good is contained in the Qur’an, to the deeper meaning of which only the pure can
penetrate. I have lived a whole life among you before this, then do you not understand? Say: The only true guidance is the guidance of Allah and my Lord is with me. He will show me the way. Lord, forgive and show mercy from heaven. Lord, I am overcome, do You avenge me. My Lord, my Lord, why have you forsaken me? O ‘Abdul-Qadir I am with you, hearing and seeing. I have planted the tree of My mercy and My power for you with My own hand and today you have with Us a high rank and a position of trust. I am your inevitable recourse. I shall revive you. I have breathed into you the spirit of righteousness from Myself. I have poured My love on you so that you might be nurtured under My care like a seed that puts forth its sprout, then makes it strong; it then becomes thick and stands firm on its stem. We have bestowed upon you a clear victory so that Allah might wipe out your previous and subsequent weaknesses. Then be of the grateful. Is not Allah Sufficient for His servant? Is not Allah aware of those who are grateful? Allah has accepted His servant and has cleared him from what they alleged and he has a high standing in the estimation of Allah. When his Lord manifested Himself on the mountain He broke it into bits and Allah will frustrate the plans of the disbelievers. So that We might make him a Sign for the people and a mercy from Ourself and so that We might bestow upon him glory from Ourself and thus do We reward those who do good. You are with Me and I am with you. Your secret is My secret, the secrets of the friends of Allah cannot be numbered. You are based on clear truth, of high standing in the world and in the hereafter and of those who are close to Allah. A foolish one recognises only the fatal blow. He is My enemy and your enemy, he is like a calf with an inanimate body from which proceeds a meaningless sound. Say: The command of Allah is approaching, so do not be of those who are in a hurry. The moon of the Prophets will come to you and your affair will become manifest. It is incumbent upon Us to help the believers.** So on the day the truth arrives and will be laid open and the losers will suffer loss and will see the neglectful fallen into prostration and supplicating: Lord forgive us, we were in error. No blame is laid upon you today. May Allah forgive you and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy. You will die and I will be pleased with you. Peace be on you, you have proven sincere and fortunate. Then enter therein with security. “””
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