In 1891, as MGA began arguing for the death of Esa (as), he quoted a verse that no one had ever quoted before in terms of Esa (as), that is 3:145, which is as follows:

(144. Muhammad is no more than a Messenger, and indeed Messengers have passed away before him. If he dies or is killed, will you then turn back on your heels And he who turns back on his heels, not the least harm will he do to Allah; and Allah will reward the grateful. ) (145. And no person can ever die except by Allah’s leave and at an appointed term. And whoever desires a reward in the world, We shall give him of it; and whoever desires a reward in the Hereafter, We shall give him thereof. And We shall reward the grateful.) (146. And many a Prophet fought and along with him many Ribbiyyun. But they never lost heart for that which befall them in Allah’s way, nor did nor they weaken nor degrade themselves. And Allah loves the patient.) (147. And they said nothing but: “Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions, establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk.”) (148. So Allah gave them the reward of this world, and the excellent reward of the Hereafter. And Allah loves the good-doers.) (Tafsir Ibn Kathir)

MGA added the word ALL
In the above verse it is obvious that Allah is telling Muslims that Messengers have died and been killed before.  Rumors had spread that Muhammad (saw) might have been killed, so Allah gave Muslims this clarifying message, that even if Muhammad (saw) had been killed, it doesn’t matter, Islam would continue.

Nonetheless, MGA continued to argue
Sir Syed didn’t use this argument, in fact, in the entire history of Islam, only MGA has added this extra word, and he did this simply to prove that he was a messiah.  MGA then went on to quote the hadith that happened on the death of Muhammad (saw) and how Abu Bakr (ra) quoted this verse of the quran.  Nonetheless, even in this hadith, the word ALL doesn’t exist and it was inserted by MGA as he continued to cause communal strife in the Punjab under the context of capitalism and non-profit business.

MGA was ready to twist any verse of the Quran as he attempted to manage his non-profit and live a luxurious life.  We know that he never led Salaat or a Khutbah Juma and never an eid speech.