I had a cousin of mine, who has been brainwashed to believe that Ahmadiyya is the only good thing on the entire planet, and that Pakistan is cursed because of how it treated Ahmadis in 1974 til 2016. Nonetheless, he is easily prey to Ahmadi propaganda and can never double check the facts. I agreed to review a video that he keeps posting on the internet as he argues endlessly that Ahmadiyya is a divine movement and the Ahmadi khilafat is also divine.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The video

In this video, this cleric, who is a Barlewi, and is a staunch enemy of the Deobandi political organization of Pakistan, he criticizes the view of the Deobandi’s in terms of a hypothetical question. The back-story is that Mirza Nasir Ahmad, as he was in front of the National Assembly arguing for why Ahmadis shouldn’t be declared as non-Muslim, he quoted Imam Nanatowi, who is a Deobandi imam and tried to assert that even the Deobandi group believes in prophethood after Muhammad (saw). However, this is all incorrect, Imam Nanatowi was only giving an answer to a hypothetical question. That question was, what if???? What if, the world ended and allah decided to create another world, i.e., a parallel dimension, in this situation, Muhammad (Saw) would still be the greatest prophet and another prophets prophethood wouldn’t break the seal of Muhammad’s (Saw) prophethood. That is all that was meant, however, the Qadianis purposely mis-interpretted these writings of Imam Nanatowi. ┬áThe Baralewis also purposely mis-interpretted Imam Nanatowi and these two groups have been battling each other for years.

What if questions in Islam
There are so many of these. For example the son of Muhammad (Saw) died in roughly 7 AH, many hadith come from this era that tell us that if Ibrahim (ra) would have lived, he would have been a prophet. There are so many other instances of the “what-if” in Islam.

Ahmadis will twist any type of data to make themselves look good or to fan the flames when they are being questioned. This is another case of exactly that. Mirza Nasir Ahmad used this argument simply to start a fight between the 2 groups that had brought him in for questioning. Mirza Nasir Ahmad failed and was still declared non-muslim. However, this is what he wanted anyways, as Ahmadis began to file for asylum and move to the west, places like Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA. And they began sending lots of money to Rabwah.
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